Saturday, 3 January 2009

I made a start - 1st progress

I am so glad I looked at the other posts before adding mine. I'm not the only one who had several false starts. I made my initial start New Year's evening. I overlooked that sentence in my pdf instructions that mentioned the x for the center. Since I am a center starter, I just sort of winged it and started with the vine above as my center point. Of course when I got to the bird's foot on the left I found the x. At this point I decided I had better check to make sure my fabric was big enough for my being nearly an inch off. I looked at the finished picture and realized that it was nearly square as the stitch count indicated. My fabric is really wide; 10 inches more than needed. Since I love this fabric and am frugal, I reasoned that if I undid my start and moved it over, I would have about 10 inches for another project and my favorite blotchy spot would be front and center. So out it came and over it went. I restarted enough to get me going before I went to girls night out dinner. Came home and started in using my Let's Stitch SAL time to buckle down and make progress. I progressed through 2/3 of right side bird and thought something is off...way back in the middle of the vine. Rip,rip, snarl,snarl. Here we go again. I finally finished the birds and vine. Showed it to my boyfriend who said are you going to leave it in, since I had asked him if the birds looked ok. I said yes...for now. I am thinking that those birds should be in a solid color. Good Grief! I am leaving it in for now and will evaluate as I go along. What do all of you think? I would value your opinons.


Cristina said...

Even though I like the colours, I think the birds would stand out more in a solid colour, but then I am suspect as I am a solid-colour-person.
Do as you said: leave it for now and evaluate the effect in due time.
Happy stitching

Barbara said...

IMO with very distinct variegated threads, small motifs are lost in the colour changes. To make it worst if the variegated thread quickly changes colour.

LadyDoc said...

I like variegated threads- as you can tell from my choice seen a few posts down. I am a fan of either solid or variegated, but not the two mixed together. Using a solid would make the birds pop, but considering they are not actually centered on the piece, I think popping them that much might make it look like you goofed on the centering.

For what it is worth, I will be doing a couple motifs before I am sure about *my* silk color choice- when I got it, it was both lighter and more variegated (less subtle) than I expected. It is BEAUTIFUL, but I am not totally sure yet that it is right for this piece.

So, looks like we will both be stitching and seeing.

Rachael said...

I would see how it looks after you have stitched more,before ripping it out!