Friday, 30 January 2009

Cristina's January progress

Here goes where i am standing at the moment, 30th, evening - I hadn't posted before because i was trying to complete one more medallion, but hellas...I have just noticed one more frog and I have to undo part of it.
Although all the pleasure I have been having with this sampler and all the nice people of this blog, which is truly a motivation, help and comfort, my sampler looks like a pond full of frogs: for each medallion I have to stitch two! The important is to keep going.

Thank you for the advice on Q-snaps - they are fantastic!

Hazel is very right in asking us to write comments: I am one that seldom does it, although coming here everyday and everyday being nicely surprised for all the wonderful works everybody is doing. Congratulations to all and keep up your nice works.


Julie said...

Looking wonderful, i'm sorry the frog came avisitin!

Violet said...

I too had a frog visiting my latest motif, we just can't stitch without them it seems.
But on over one stitching you don't need them.
Your work looks lovely, and you did a whole lot of work.
Keep up the good work.
Hazel is right about giving comments indeed, and I'm also an almost daily visiter here, but I was a bit shy because of my "English".

Anonymous said...

Great progress, I like your colour choices.

LadyDoc said...

Your color choice really looks wonderful- I love variegated threads and this one is really pretty.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Rats!! I just hate those frogs!! So sorry, Christina. :[
Hugs, Deb