Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New year!

Hi I'm Sue from Nova Scotia.Yesterday we had a blizzard here so I had lots of play time.This is my progress picture::
I'm using DMC's Linen floss in different colours.Santa was kind enough to add them to my stocking this Xmas!
I'm also including some Mill Hill glass beads.The DMC thread I'm using in the picture is L778.
Cheers! to you all.I've seen some beautiful needlework here
Regards, Sue from :: wee bird ::


Cristina said...

I'm from Portugal and we have been complaing of our weather because it's been raining for quite some days, but temperaturewise we are having around 16 degrees centigrade!

You made a lot and looks awsome.I see you are doing 1 over one. I'm too. What's the count of your linen?

KarenV said...

That looks very pretty so far, nice start :)

:: wee bird :: said...

thank you!
I think the count is 25,I should have kept the package it came in! I didn't have a blog then so I never thought of keeping it for future ref.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Oh, how pretty!! I also like the idea of adding beads...that's so unique!!

:: wee bird :: said...

thank you Jacueline! I'm working on another one of the motifs? and it looks even better.I will post a picture later on to show everyone!

LadyDoc said...

It looks really nice so far- I will be curious to see how you use beads on this piece.

elisabethb said...

Sue, I hope you have no problem to use linen threads. I remember that I needed to put it on a beewax piece before to stitch at each time in another chart !
Good idea to put some beads !

Rachael said...

Fab colour and use of beads!!