Saturday, 28 February 2009

Marian's Progress

This is my January finish. Not too bad
This is the February finish. I really thought I would get more done, but it just didn't work. I hope to to better next month.

Sue's February progress

Not a lot to show this month I'm afraid, but I did manage to get a little done.
This is what I'd done last month....
and here is my latest effort.

I'm really enjoying stitching this, just wish that I had a bit more time.


Bonnie's February Progress

January Progress

It doesn't look like I have made much progress, but I did finish the big flower and that was a great achievement. I stitched for a few hours today on the second motif on the top but it is cloudy today and stitching over one with my day light lamp still didn't work to well. I am happy with the way it is turning out. I am kind of wishing at this point that I would have chosen a darker color of floss. I am thinking that it would have gone a lot faster and would have stood out more. Too late now, but as I said I am satisfied the way it is.

February Progress

I want to say that I am really enjoying looking at every ones sampler. They are all so beautiful and so many different combinations. Each one has a personality of it's own. Congratulations to everyone on their progress/

Sharon in St. Louis' February Progress

Hi All -- I am loving seeing every one's progress and gorgeous color choices. Here is how I left things at the end of January -- fairly pleased with my progress to date.

Then in early February, I encountered a lot of "reverse" stitching in the half medallion above the very large flower. Finally got going in the right direction and made a tiny bit of progress -- when my husband went into the hospital. I am happy to say that he is finally home, and on the mend as of last night. As you can see I have almost used up my first skein of Belle Soie Rustique. Can't wait to see if the second skein will have any different color variations.

I hope to make some progress in March, but one weekend of the month will be spent at a stitching retreat, and I think this lovely project is too big to bring along (as there is also a lot of chit chat and eating that is a regular part of the retreat) so I don't know what I will have to report next month. As I am almost to a part that has some initials, I am trying to decide whether to use the originals on the pattern or personalize with family. What are others' thoughts on this subject?

Until next time, happy stitching,

Sharon in St. Louis

Allie's February Progress

Here's where I was in January:

And here's where I am now. It's not much to show, but I figure if I keep up with 2-3 motifs a month, I'll still finish by the end of the year! I'm being optimistic about my ability to keep the momentum going (c;
Although I haven't stitched any yet, I've decided to make this a "Mothers" sampler and include the initials of the women in my family matrilineally. The "OD to LB" will be my initials to my Mom's maiden initials (AH to KE).

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Private or public? Everybody needs to respond please.

Hello all. It has come to my attention that someone is not happy with me making this blog private so that only our members can read it and therefore non members, including hackers and spammers, cannot. I did this for our safety but I am happy to change it back to "public" if this is what you prefer. I really don't mind eitherway. So please leave a comment saying either "public" or "private" and I will tally up the responses at the end of the month and either keep it or change it back.

Happy stitching!

Elisabethb ' s february progress

Hello dear friends,
In first, thank you for your nice and warm comments on my January progress in my last article.
Do you remember this ?

And this is my February progress: sorry my artificial light is very bad and I realize that my progress is very little this month !!!!

March will be better :-)) !

Nice regards from France


Phew just made it!

Here's my progress for Feb - not much to show but that big flower nearly killed me trying to get it done. It was a bit boring I must say but progress is progress no matter how much or little:

Jan pic:
January progress

Feb pic:
Feb update


Grace's February Progress

Blogger has decided to reverse the order of the pictures so
This is where I am at the end of February:

And this is how far I had got by the end of January:

Will try and get it in the right order next month!

I have enjoyed looking at everyone's progress this month, seeing how each of us moves differently around the chart.


Lynda's February progress

progress at end of January

progress at end of February

Another month with not much progress I'm afraid. But every little bit counts! I am really enjoying watching everyone's pieces grow.


Rachel V.'s February Progress



This SAL group is keeping me motivated to work on this project -- and of course it is so fun to see everyone's progress -- Thanks Hazel & Friends!

Karen V's February progress

Due to a bad case of can't-count-itis and the subsequent ripping that it entailed, I haven't progressed quite as far as I expected this month. This is January:

and this is February:

Redwitch's February Progress

As of January:

As of February:

Beatrix and I are now on better terms, I'm enjoying stitching this very much and I love seeing everyone's progress on the SAL :) I'm afraid I've been remiss in leaving comments (slaps own wrists)! Please forgive me, I've a few health issues at the moment which I hope will improve after some major treatment at the end of next month.

Annemarie's February progress

I believe that's what they call 'in the nick of time' :o)

Here's what I did in January:

And here's what I did in January (yes, January. Not February. Shhhh...):

Last time I asked your advice about the colours, and I have since decided to use the entire DMC linen collection, as portrayed in the first picture. I love this sampler, and your beautiful work is a real inspiration. See you in March!

Barbara's February Progress

As at January:To date February:

Fabric: 40ct Newcastle tea-dyed Sand
Floss: Victorian Motto Pumpkins

Just love watching everyone's floss and fabric combinations. So varied. Thank you all for the inspiration!

Elisa’s Progress

Jan (1)

Here is my progress for February…not a lot I am afraid to say, I have had a busy month with a lot of smalls to stitch, I do Not have that to do in March so I hope to make some headway.

I must say everyone else's

are looking fantastic, the colour schemes are wonderful


Brenda's February Progress

Hi Everyone,
Here is the progress I have made since my last posting. I did not get as much done as I had hoped but I am still pleased with my progress. I enjoy stitching the little motifs rather than the big flower but, I think it will look ok once it is done. I am still enjoying stitching 1 over 1 but the only way that I can comfortably do this is to use my daylight lamp with the built in magnifying glass.
I really enjoy checking to see everybody's progress and love all the different colors you have all chosen.
Keep up the great stitching,

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Friday, 27 February 2009

Sandy's February Progress

Here is my update for February. Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot done this month.

Here is my January Progress.

Terry's February Progress

This was the end of January

and this is the end of February

This is such a fun stitch!

Maxine's Feburary Update

I only worked on this last week...I would have got more progress done but I had a visit from the frogs! Here's January's before pic...
Here's Feburary's update...Thanks for looking :)

Margie K's February progress

I didn't as much done this month as I was hoping. I had a ton of other things that I wanted to finish so Beatrix took a backseat. I still need to find some sort of schedule that works for this project because I'm determined to finish her this year. :-) I'm stitching mine on 35 count Mushroom from Vikki Clayton using Winterberried regular silk floss, one over two.


Everyone's looks great! I love watching all the progress.


Only two days left to post your February updates!! This month has just flown. Even if you have only stitched a few stitches this month, you can still post it as an update.


Julie S. February Progress

Here is my February progress picture, not much change, we've had a busy month.

Here is my January picture.

Amazing how much different it looks when the picture is taken during the day versus at night. I hope to make more progress next month.

Until next time,

Jacqueline K B's February Progress...

Above is my January progress, while below is the February...I've been mixing up the Viki Clayton hand dyes Everlasting, Quince 1411, and Fish Pepper 4425 to make it more interesting.

I'm so glad I have this to do to calm my nerves while my husband looks for's been very relaxing and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Rachael's Febuary Progress

As it was in January
And sorry for the poor picture, My progress for February
February progress
Not much I'm afraid!
Thank you for looking

Julie's February Progress


FEBRUARY It seems to have grown quite a bit this month, i'm really enjoying stitching it although i did have a visit from the frog on the 'SY' motif and had to rip most of it out and restitch!