Friday, 9 January 2009

Cristina's progress 2


This is the second pic I post showing my progress, but in fact this one is not the progress showed in the first pic, as it is all new!
Since my last post I had to undo twice what I had made and this is now the third new beginning.

Although I am not making a reproduction, (using one one colour) I want to keep it more or less similar with the original therefore I wanted to make over 1, but had to get a 25 ct linen, as I almost couldn't see with the 28ct. Anyway the difference is only about 3cms more: my last beginning and for my eyes it works much better.
I'm also going to keep all the initials Beatrix used, will just add my name and date somewhere probably out of the sampler.

I'd like to ask you if you are using a hoop? I'm now using a flexible one and it stained the linen first time I used it - brand new!!!

I like all your choices for materials and it is a joy coming to the blog everyday...and everyday finding something new.

Keep on the good work and I wish you all a very nice weekend


DonnaTN said...

I feel your pain over having to restart. I am using Q-snaps that I think are 12 inches each side.

Barbara said...

You're doing well now, after a couple of false starts and that's important. I use Q-Snaps for my frame. I think those flexible frames are meant more for framing finished work and hence you don't remove it.

Carol R said...

I use Q=Snaps too and I also put a strip of white kitchen towel between the fabric and the 'snap'

Heidi said...

I'm using Q-snaps and have never had a problem with them leaving marks, although I do also put some kitchen towel/paper towel between the clamp and the frame, which also helps them grip the fabric better.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Your colors are interesting and rich, Cristina! You are going to have a beautiful piece!

LadyDoc said...

I am also having a framing decision issue. The hoop I used left a mark where the threads are separated- not torn but definitely separated. I will look at my q-snaps again, but I may have to dig out my 26 inch scroll frame to protect this special fabric and special piece.