Saturday, 31 January 2009

Pennipenny's january progress

Hi everybody!
I have been very busy this month witha lot of sal and swap, I wish to increase my Beatrix next month!
huges Penny

January Progress

This is my progress on Beatrix:

I took this picture on 1/17/09

And this is my progress as of 1/30/09.

Hope you like my sampler!

Drew's January progress

I got off to a slow start. My needle work shop has not received the silks I ordered so I changed to a DMC. I have never posted to a blog before so I hope this is ok.

January Progress

Not much progress this month as I changed my choices from 28ct over one on the called for Zweigart linen to 36ct Lakeside Examplar linen over 2 threads, but still using Vikki Clayton's Fishpepper premium silk. I was not enjoying the over one and doubted whether I would finish, much happier now stitching over 2!  The picture is a little dark, will try to take a better photo next month! 

DonnaTN's Final Jan. Update

Here is what I have done so far. You may remember that I started out with a beautiful variegated thread. Although I love that variegation, it was too much for this project. About 2 weeks ago I switched gears and decided to go with DMC 919 as my main color and work some accent colors in as I go. After about 3 restarts and a number of amphibian infestations I finally got my groove on with this. I think I will give it a rest for the next week since I have been stitching pretty exclusively on it and I have some other things singing me a siren's song.
I can't wait to see everyone's progress. Each one looks so wonderful in its own unique way. Who knew the same pattern could be so personalized and still be gorgeous?!

Anita's January progress

Hello everyone - I'm Anita from Denmark and so glad to be here. I enjoy seeing everyone's choice of fabric and floss plus update photos - I look at the blog every day.
I found this blog by sheer luck and my way to the sampler is a bit strange. I am a miniaturist and I have been researching Beatrix Potter because I have an ongoing project making a writer's dollhouse. BP will have one of the rooms, a combined replica of her bedroom and sitting room at Hill Top farm. So - when Googling BP one day, I found out about the sampler and fell in love with it at once - I immediately wanted to make one for myself. Usually I do petit point needlepoint on silk gauze 40hpi or 48hpi but as I cannot see the higher counts there was no way I could make a miniature sampler for her room. I still may try to make a sampler in these colors though it will not be a 100% replica.
Anyway, I looked high and low for the chart from time to time - I saw it a few times on Ebay but at very high prices - and then, I "bumped" into Hazel and this blog when there was just one or two places left - I'm here, and I love my RL sampler.
After having tried dark brown linen and green I have chosen to go with the suggestions in the chart so I am using 32 count linen and DMC356. The dark brown was too difficult to work with/see when sitting in front of the TV.
Anita in Denmark

January progress

I didn't get to stitch on this as much as I wanted to this month, but I have made a start at least! This is such a pleasurable thing to stitch fopr me and I don't feel any need to rush it! This is where I left off last night...I'll probably pick it up again next weekend. I am loving looking at everyone's pieces. They are all lovely and the different choices of fabric and color are wonderful.

I have put up the Jan progress list

Please could you check that I have put your name there and I will also add any remaining names that go on later today too. I have only added people that have actually put up a progress picture just to make it fair. If I have made an error and not included you then please email me and tell me the date of the post or a link to it. Thanks to everyone that has contributed this month and get ready for round 2!!

Ruth Rachel V.'s January progress

I only have a small start but I am happy with how it looks so far!

My linen is 32 ct. Golden Promise by Sassy's Fabbys
and my threads are Pumpkin 1 and 2 by Victorian Motto.

Karen V's January progress

I've managed to complete the left side of medallions, just by working on it one evening a week:

I'm really pleased with my progress and hope I can keep it up! Everyone's versions are so different and so pretty, great work!

Marie in TX's Progress

To keep me on track with finishing this by year's end, I made a copy of the chart and marked which motifs I would finish each month. So far, so good. I even have a bit of a head start on February. I am enjoying the project. My linen looks a little light on this picture. It is actually more golden then it looks here.

DebbieSFL's Jan progress

I am a very slow stitcher and due to heavy workload at work, I have made very little progress, but I believe that February will be a better stitching month. I used the listed fabric, 32 count antique Ivory and am stitching 2 over 2 and decided on DMC 3842, with a white accent. I was planning on stitching on this during lunch at work, but as I am using a larger size Q-snap, I will be stitching at home on my frame. Everyone's work is just exquisite and I am loving and learning so much. Thanks again Hazel!!!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Terry's January Progress

I started on my Beatrix Potter a while back and just piddled with it. This SAL, however, has helped me to get on with it. I am using Vikki Clayton's HDF Linen in Kodiak and Silk in Fishpeppers (I think).

I am enjoying seeing everyone's lovely choices and beautiful work.

Rita's January progress

Hi girls!

As January is my busiest month workwise, I hardly had any time for stitching this beauty. However, I decided to restart mine, as that old linen sitched over one was very hard to do, and I wanted this to be a relaxing stitch. So I decided to do it on a sand linen (40 ct) with the same 902 DMC I used before. This is how it stands so far. I know it's not much, but still a start... Hope to do more in the coming months.

Deb/Lavender Rose Posts Progress

This isn't much progress because my fabric was backordered for nearly a month from Wichert!! I may have to just hand-dye this fabric!! Anyway, I'm in love with "Beatrix" and can't wait to do more. Hugs, Deb

Cristina's January progress

Here goes where i am standing at the moment, 30th, evening - I hadn't posted before because i was trying to complete one more medallion, but hellas...I have just noticed one more frog and I have to undo part of it.
Although all the pleasure I have been having with this sampler and all the nice people of this blog, which is truly a motivation, help and comfort, my sampler looks like a pond full of frogs: for each medallion I have to stitch two! The important is to keep going.

Thank you for the advice on Q-snaps - they are fantastic!

Hazel is very right in asking us to write comments: I am one that seldom does it, although coming here everyday and everyday being nicely surprised for all the wonderful works everybody is doing. Congratulations to all and keep up your nice works.

Julianne's January Progress

I didn't get much stitched this month due to several home improvement projects that we have going on right now here.

I did decide to stitch the piece on 32 count desert sand linen and I'm using Gloriana silk in Mulberry color.

I look forward to being able to make more progress in February and I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts and seeing all the lovely projects. Keep up the good work!


I'm really enjoying this piece. I like to stitch important dates into some of my pieces, which I did with this one. I cheated a little and stitched some on 12/6 and 12/24, which were important to me. They are the first 2 emblems on the left side.

Maxine's Jan Update

I have been busy working on different wip's so there isn't an awful lot of progress for this month...

I love looking at all the different colours that everyone is choosing to stitch their samplers in ........ they all look amazing :)

Maxine So Much Stash - Sew Little Time (my blog)

Just to encourage us all...

Please could you leave some encouraging comments on progress pictures. It is so nice to get an encouraging comment. Thanks to all those that have been leaving comments. Some who are new to blogging may not have realised that you can leave comments. Just click on the comments under the post and leave a nice encouragement. It will help me out too. Thanks for your time. Greatly appreciated.

Also to add that Allie has helped me with the spreadsheet. Thanks Allie! xx

ElisabethB' s January progress

Hello dear stitcher friends. This is my progress .

Do you remember my first stitches ...........?

And now my fabric has a nice way :-) !!
I can work every day on it one hour or one hour and half. Do you remember that I am a "children minder" and when the babies sleep in the afternoon, all is quiet with silence . I can take a chair and stitch ! ! ! ! ! ;-)
I have decided to wait the end of the SAL to stitch the letters because I think that I will change it. Probably , it will be a "Token of Love" to my first daughter Alice (13 years soon) and I will stitch some sentance to her.
Friendly, Elisabeth

LadyDoc's progress report

As you will very soon realize, I made WAY little progress in January.

This is the picture I took on January 1.

Since then I've had a cold that went into bronchitis that led to pneumonia. That was immediately followed by final exams and final grades due. The same day I turned in my grades, my mom had surgery for a tumor in her back.

It's been a BUSY month. Therefore, here is my very little progress photo:

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Elisa's Progress

Well here is my progress on the sampler, I am really enjoying this design, I am stitching it on 32c Belfast Linen in Antique Ivory with DMC threads 3041, 3042 & 3865. I had hoped to get a little more of this done but I have ended up as usual signing up to too much lol!!


Elisa x

Shari's Jan. progress

I do not have very much progress, but I have at least started it! I am working on a model for someone & it is taking the bulk of my stitching time. As soon as it is finished, I will be able to devote more time to my SAL projects!!!
I think this will go pretty quick, once I can work on it more!

Another progress in January

My second January progress. I've stitched a sided medallion
Previous status:
That's my actual status:
my blog:

Deb's January

Hi all

First off - all your work looks fabulous. What great variety. I started my piece on a plane heading from OZ to Paris and then had a few quite times in France and Spain to work on it. It was great to be able to log in and see what everyone else was up to. Haven't done much since I returned. Having a heatwave here (today is 43 C) so not so good for stitching. Anyway here is what I've done.

Cheers to all,


RuthB's progress -- aka A Miracle!

Yes, my friends, a miracle has been bought about by this group and a new-fangled needle threader. I'll have to get back to you on what it's called but it is the first threader I've had that can actually work with those *#$(&@(#^** beading needles.
I began January at:
Beatrix Potter begins with beads 5/30/2007
where I had been stalled for 2 years due to the blasted beading needle threading issue.

As of today I am here:
1_26_2008 065
Yes! You do see both the milk chocolate beaded birds and the cream beaded flowers. See, it's a miracle!!!!

Thanks to you all for the inspiration.

Julie S. January Progress

Here is my January progress. 28 ct Lambswool using Thread Gatherer Silk 'N Colors in Nan's Mulberry. I've loved looking at everyone's progress! There is such a wide variety it's fun to look at them all!


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tracy's January Progress

Well here it is my progress not much done as the frog came to visit twice that's what you get for stitching when your tired, it is stitched on 28ct Brittney Natural with Victorian Motto Threads

Sally W's End of Jan Progress!

Here's my end of January progress picture. Loving stitching this so far!


A few days left to post your updates!

Just a reminder that there are only a few days left if you want to post an update to be entered for the end of year incentive. I have not had time to comment on all the beautiful pieces but I love every single one! I love that they are all so different and all unique. I think they are going to look stunning as we progress along. Meeting up with a friend at the weekend who is going to help me with doing a spreadsheet so should have progress names up by Feb 1st. Have fun.


Finally an Update

First off I really enjoy looking at everyones progress. They are all so pretty. I love them all and congratulate all on their beautiful stitching.

I have finally decide to show my progress on my sampler. I was hoping to get a little more finished before the January deadline. I started off with the smaller motifs and was speeding along, actually I stitched them in one day. Then I started on the big flower motif and kind of slowed down to a crawl lol. I really did get the big flower finished. I am stitching 1 over 1 and I really like how dainty it looks. I am looking forward to next months stitching and hope I have a lot more to show.

Sandy's January Progress

Here is my progress for January. I'm using the called for 32 ct linen and DMC 221. I usually stitch holding my project in my hand. I have found that this is very large so I went and bought some Q-Snaps to help me control all the fabric! Stitching is much easier now.

Jeanne's January progress

This is where I stopped for this month. I'm splitting my time with 2 other new starts this month so I won't be picking up Beatrix again until February. I am really enjoying stitching this although the big medallions take longer than you think they would! Everyone's sampler looks good and it's fun seeing so many different color choices. I am using Lakeside Linen's Vintage Maritime White with Waterlilies 'Chili' silk, some of Vikki Clayton's Fish Pepper line and a Needlepoint Silk.

Jeanne (Willow Tree Stitcher)

January 2009 Progress for Sharon in St. Louis

Hi -- I have really enjoyed stitching on this project this month (much to the detriment of the other projects that I have going). I made what for me is a lot of progress -- thanks in part to several holidays from work and an unexpected snow day today that allowed me to finish the large flower motif.

It has been so much fun to see everyone's color selections and and progress to date.

Keep up the good work all and happy stitching,


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A small start for January

After a late start I finally managed to do some stitching at the weekend and take a photo. I'm still not sure about the colour but it does look a lot nicer in real life so I think I'll stick with it. I'm really enjoying stitching this pattern and so far, no frogs....


January start

Hi - I was late in joining the SAL but hopefully I will make up for it now! The above is the first picture of my start although I have since completed the unfinished motif and stitched the large flower motif and made a start on another one since taking this shot. I am not sure that I will be able to make this a year long project! The fabric is a 36ct linen called Puck which I got from The Sampler Guild for an entirely different project but, when I did a floss toss, the HDF Raisin Wine silk floss, which I had already chosen for this project, called out for this fabric.

Thank you Hazel for arranging this SAL. 

Dolly's January Progress

This is my first post, I am a little too shy to post earlier due to my limited English.

Fabric : 32 COUNT "BELFAST" LINEN by Zweigart , Bo-Peep Pink
Thread : SOIE D'ALGER SILK from Au Ver a Soie® ; #3023 & Blanc Optique

As you can see, I love pink and I am a Beatrix Potter fan. Thanks for looking !

Jamie's January Progress pic

I've finished two and a half motifs since January 1st, and I have this group to thank for the motivation.

January 19 progress

I stitched a lot more than this in the past 3 weeks, but since now have 12 WIPs (that I'm counting:) 10 of them Quakers, the rest of my stitching this month was on a few of those other pieces.

A lot of people have commented on the way I skipped around in the design in the first picture. That's one of the things I like about Quaker medallion samplers. You can "sketch out" the medallions across and down the sampler 10 1. Make sure you have enough fabric and 2. Get a good idea of what the finished design is going to look like and a sense of accomplishment/excitement fairly quickly.

Thanks for the motivation! I look forward to having a finished Beatrix this year!

Monday, 26 January 2009

First post and progress pic.

Hi everyone,
This is my first post. I started my Beatrix Potter well over a year ago and somehow it almost turned into a UFO. I was very happy when I read about this SAL because I felt it would give me some much needed motivation to finish my piece.
I've just been looking at some of the progress pictures and love what I've seen.
So many gorgeous colourways and beautiful stitching.
I've just taken a picture of my progress so far. I'm using 32ct antique white linen with one strand of Vikki Clayton Dusty Rose silk. Although the name is Dusty Rose it's more of a pale lilac. If you click on the picture you'll get a better idea of how it looks.
I've already completed two motifs this month (I did say you would all motivate me) and am aiming for a third before the end of the month.
It's not the best picture. My linen is creased because I work in hand and it has been lying around a long time but I don't want to put an iron near it until it is finished.
Hopefully now that I've posted I'll be able to keep up with the blog. Thanks for having me here.


I am enjoying every ones progress,amazing work ladies! I had a bit of a problem using the Linen DMC,call it a hormonal hissy if you like!I wasn't sure if I was going to continue with that thread or move on to something different.I had a idea to make it all in one colour but I am glad I just put it down for a couple of days to mull it over.So I'm going to keep using different colours based on the books.I hope you like it :D

Rachael's 2nd January Progress

This is how much I have got done this month.