Sunday, 31 May 2009

Redwitch's May Progress

As of April:

As of May:

I really wanted to get three motifs finished this month, but the weather has been great here so we have been making the most of it and I have only completed two and a bit instead. Still, any progress is ood progress in my book! I know a few people have lost interest recently, but I must say I am still really enjoying stitching this. Loved seeing all your progress too :)

Tracy's May Progress

Here is my progress for May not as much done as I'd hoped but progress is progress



Laura J's May Progress

I didn't get much done on any of my projects this month. Too tired for some reason. Here's last month's progress.

Here's May's progress.

I'm working on it today, but just wanted to make sure I had time to get it posted before day's end. I saw everyone's postings so far, they all look really great. To those brave few who are almost finished, congratulations.

Annemarie's alleged May progress

In April I made no progress at all, but in May, I did. However, it is quite possible that you don't agree. You see, I spent quite some time undoing my March progress in the form of un-stitching and then I added a very tiny motif instead. In the end, the amount of stitches for my March and my May update is roughly the same, so now I ask you, my sweet sisters in Bea, is this progress or is this just plain old laziness that needs to be punished?

I did not like the yellow I used for the March motif and decided not to use that colour and stick with the mauves and pinks, possibly greens, but until I'm certain, progress will remain slow. So hopefully until next month!

Some progress but still a lot to do!!

This is not a lot done compared to every one else but I have had such a busy gardening month that each evening I have been too tired to stitch this... but this next month will be easier and I have dropped one of my exchange groups as I just didn't seem to have time for my own stitching, so next month should show a lot more. Still one thing I must say I like stitching this and it is going to be wow when I finish it in ????
Happy Stitching all..


Margie May's May Progress

Not as much progress as I had hoped this month. Have started a Goldwork class at the Embroiderer's Guild and the homework really does have to take priority. Great to see the progress everyone is making and also interesting to see the variety of areas being worked.

May Day! New Progress Picture!! :]

Clara has this, "She's like that, you know..." look on her face again, because she's aware that I've lost some of my saved pictures and documents when we switched computers. She kinda blames me because she's the one who's had to sit scrunched behind me in my computer chair while I've processed all this data over the years and months. I think she's a bit disgusted. She and Coni's Stewey have a telepathic "thing" going..... :o
What she and I mean to say is that I've lost the April progress picture of my BP, but it can be seen on my earlier entry. The picture above is my May progress. Although it's difficult to tell, the middle mediallions aren't all red! LOL They are shades of coral and reds...muted differences in real life.
Loving everyone's pieces! Don't we wish we could have them all!!! Hugs, Deb

May's progress

Slowly but surely we get there. Thankfully. I wish I could stop being distracted by other things - but what's life without variety!

Above is where I was at the end of April. Below is where I am now.

Still enjoy looking at your work - some nearly finished. Must be a few smoking needles out there.


Jeanne M's May progress

Yeah! I didn't think I'd make my goal for May of 3 more motifs but I got there today. It hasn't been a good stitching month for me but at least I kept to my schedule on Miss Bea. The photo on top was my end of April status and the bottom photo is my May progress (lower left corner). I love seeing everyone's BP develop - I think we are doing a great job!

Joanie L's May progress - So-o-o-o-o CLOSE!!!

At the beginning of the month, this was my progress...

And as of today, I am only one motif and a few initials short of a finish!!!

I will be sad when Bea is complete because she was such a fun piece to work on.

I love everyone's progress on their samplers! What treasures they are!


Saturday, 30 May 2009

Allie's May progress

I feel like I finally got more done this month! I'm really enjoying everyone's progress pictures. It makes me want to do this over in about 8 different colors. (c:
Here's where I was at the end of April:

And here is May's progress:
Happy stitching everyone!

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May progress

This month I was able of stitching a bit more, though it's not much.
I'm very impressed with all the works.
Have a nice June.

Rachael's May progress

Not much progress I'm afraid , but I finished one motif and started another.
April progress
May progress

Sue's progress for May

I really don't seem to be getting anywhere with this, I'm having so much trouble holding the material, there just seems so much of it getting in the way. Anyway, here's my little bit of progress, not much as gardening seems to take over at this time of year.

love Sue x

Friday, 29 May 2009

RuthB's progress

I can't believe I got so much done! Sure, for you it's nothing, for me it's a major accomplishment. lol

Here was where I started the month:
4_29_2009 002

And here's how I end it:
5_27_2009 006

Even this month's beading went smoother than ever before. Thanks for all your encouragement, folks!

Terry's May Progress

I had a little more progress this month. This was my April progress:

and here is my May progress:

I think I may set a definite goal for June. We'll see.

Shari's May Progress

Hi all,
well, I was only able to do one motif this month. I had a busy month in lots of ways. I am working hard on a lot of little things for my soon to be born triplet grandsons. I also spent a lot of time in my husband's workshop, helping with a new storage unit for my craft room.
Anyway, Here is my progress for May!!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Jacqueline K B's May Progress...

Above is my MAY progress, while below is from last April...
My progress was slowed down by surgery I had May, here I thought I'd have plenty of stitch time!! Well, I was lucky if I had the energy to watch television! In any event, I'm doing much better now and did a little catching up over the month I hope to get more done!! I'm still loving this stitch so much and so enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing!!!

Maxine's May Progress

I made an effort this month to not leave this till last minute and only get a little progress done. I got this out last Friday and stitched all the weekend and Monday and am pleased to report a lot of progress
April's Progress...

May's Progress....

It was surprising just how much time it took to do the motif with the passionflower in it and I still haven't decided what to do about the initials hence the unfilled motif still!! We're all making great progress, keep up the great work ladies :)

Ellen L's May Progress

Not much progress this month, hope to do better in June.

Ellen L



Only 5 days left

to post progress this month! I have made a good amount of progress and I'll be posting soon as I can snap a good pic.


Beth's May progress

I had to do a bit of frogging on the large motif in the top right, but still managed to finish the larger one on the bottom & a couple of smaller motifs this month.





Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sally W's May Progress.

Not too much progress this month. I'm not finding it easy to keep up the enthusiasm on this but I will not be beaten! LOL! Even if it takes me well over a year I will finish it!

Last month's progress:

This month's progress:

Brenda's May Progress

The bottom picture shows my progress for May.

I got two large motifs done and three small ones. This may be my best month yet.

If you look closely you will see that I changed the small motif on the far left. On the original it is done as a half motif and I thought I would try it as a full motif, and I think I like it.

I am trying to decide what my second color of thread should be (for the flowers) any suggestions, white maybe or cream? Maybe I should try both and see what they look like.I still love to see everyone's progress, let's all keep on stitching!!

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

This was at the end of April

and you can see I had more time this month.
The Netherlands

Hazel's May update




May 09 update

Five motifs! I am pleased with this month's progress. More pics on my blog soon.