Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dolly's March Progress


I still did not reach my goal, but much better than last month.

My March progress

Hello dear stitchers friends. It's march already and the time is too short. My progress is very little but it's a progress ;-))

In February , it was like this :

And this evening, March 31th , it is like this
I have stitched more for Easter and for my futur niece Jeanne that we are waiting for very shortly. So, I hope that April will give me more time ;-)
Now, I will see your progress :-)))) !
Read you soon

March Progress

Hello again!  Like many I have not achieved very much this month, but I am still confident that I will keep up and be finished by the end of the year!
This is where I was at the end of Feb:

And this is what I achieved this month. I  found the star motif, bottom left, really difficult to count and had to do a fair amount of reverse stitching!  

I'm enjoying the stitching very much and hope to do at least 3 or 4  more motifs this month.

My first post, Feb/Mar Progress


First everyone's work is great. I always enjoy looking at everybody's color choices.

This is my first progress report. I've been visited by frogs with this project. I didn't get my started until Feb. I'm using items from my stash so I started out on white 22 aida one over one. I didn't like the white so I went digging some more and come across old/antique rose 18 ct aida. This shade I really liked. I tried one over one and didn't like the coverage, so out it came I went with 2 strands.

Here you see two pics the first one really shows the great color of the fabby. I started in the corner and after just stitching a little I figured out that I hadn't left enough room. That was Feb work. I got tired of the frogs so put it away for most of March.

Over the weekend I started again, this time in the middle as seen in the second pic. I like the colors I changed to except for the red. Its the wrong family group and too strong. I'll be taking that out. I am also one row off on the outside circle so that will also have to come out.

Hopefully my April progress will show more instead of listing all my frog problems.

I'm still learning how to use my digital camera so hopefully my next pics will be better showing off the colors.

Terry's March Progress

Hi everybody! I've enjoyed seeing everyone's progress this month. I haven't done very much this month but I guess every little bit counts. This one is still such a joy to stitch.

This was the end of February:

This is the end of March:


Karen V's March progress

Here's where I was at in February:

And here's March's progress:

Not a huge amount of progress, but I'm still on track for a 2009 finish. Like many of you, I'm aiming to stitch 10 motifs every 3 months to ensure it's finished this year.

Sally W's March Progress

Done quite well this month although didn't get much done last night!

Feb's progress

March progress


Deb's march progress

Small progress again but at least there is some! I would like to be finished the inside motifs by the end of June so I should get a move on. The picture above is from the end of March, the bottom one is from February. Sorry for the bad layout - I can't seem to figure out how to get the pictures where I want them!

Keep up the great work gals! The samplers are looking fantastic. Also th SAL is really motivating me to do some stitching every month which is great. xxxxdebxxxxxx

Julie's March Progress

March Progress

February's picture

I managed to add 6 motifs this month, i love stitching on this, colour looks a bit washed out this time, must be the flash!

Well done ladies, they all look super

Brenda's March Progress

The picture at the top was my February progress and the one underneath it shows my March progress. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped to.
I am going to a five day cross stitch retreat this Wednesday to Sunday, so hopefully I will get quite a bit done for my April progress.
I am still enjoying stitching on this and love seeing everyone
else's progress.

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March Progress for Sharon in St. Louis

Hi Stitchers - I hope everyone is enjoying Ms. Potter as much as I am. Just wish I had more time to work on her. I almost reached a milestone this month -- I am within a few strands of finishing my first skein of Belle Soie Rustique. By next month I will have added some stitches in my secondary color -- which I am still trying to narrow down.

The first photo at the right is my progress through the end of February, with my March progress next to it.

Happy stitching,


Barbara's March Progress

As at February:
To date March:

Fabric: 40ct Newcastle tea-dyed Sand
Floss: Victorian Motto Pumpkins

Not much progress I'm afraid, but every little counts :)

DonnaTN's March Progress

Here is my Feb. progress.

Here is my March progress. It doesn't look like much, but for some reason that big bird motif was slow going. I hope to get a little more done in April, but I would like to work on some other things and I can't seem to find a lot of stitching time lately.

March progress

In march I went from:
1_26_2008 065

To here:
3_26_2009 019
I'm too lame to have the mst up to date picture, but this is as of Friday so it's not too bad. As of today the entire wreath of cream is in. The crown is in dark chocolate colored beads.

Did I mention I was a really, really slow stitcher?

Monday, 30 March 2009

Laura J's March Progress

I think I did ok for March. I'm really enjoying working on this piece. Now I have to put it away for a couple of weeks and work on my other projects.

Annemarie's March Progress

Hello dears,

Has it really been a month already? Judging from the glorious updates you have all been posting, it has! This is mine:

I rather dreaded starting the big flower motif because I had heard so many horror stories about it, but I must say I really enjoyed stitching it. I also stitched the small motif to the right of it and started the next big one, which is turning out yellow! These linen threads continue to amaze me. The colours look so different when you actually work with them! On the whole, this sampler is turning out a lot less pink than I had feared thought! What do you think?


This was the month February

and you can see that I haven't done very much for the month March. I had to do a lot of different things. I hope I have more time in the future.

Jeanne's March progress - on time this month

Hi all - here's where I ended up for March. I'm like Hazel and trying to do about 3 motifs a month and hoping to finish this up by the end of the year. I am still really enjoying stitching on it, especially when I get to stitch in pink silk - my favorite color. :)

End of February:

End of March:

LadyDoc's minimal March progress

I'm not doing very well with this SAL- but I am NOT giving up. Summer will be here soon and then I can spend some real time on this, I hope!

This picture was my meager progress in January.

In February I didn't get to pick up a needle at all.

And here it is the end of March- and this is where I'm at now.

One of these days I'll make some progress. In the meantime, I am really enjoying seeing everyone else's work.

Julie S. March Progress

Here is February's progress photo:

And here is March's progress photo:

Until next time,

Margie May's Progress in March

Here is the progress I have made over the last couple of weeks. This is a project which I am finding very relaxing to stitch between lots of other WIP. The Peter Rabbit was purchased when I visited Beatrix Potter's home Hilltop in the Lakes District UK last year. I just couldn't resist him - he is so cute.

Allie's March Progress

Here's where I was at the end of February:
And here's where I am at the end of March. That circlular sunflower sort of motif took a really long time! Hopefully I find more stitching time in April.
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Sunday, 29 March 2009

yippee, I have an update!

It isn't much, but it is an update!!! I worked on a model for 4 solid months, so I didn't get much done on anything of my own. I wasn't even able to stitch on my BP in Feb, because I HAD to get the model done. But! I finished it & was able to spend a tiny bit of time on this in March. I hope to make much more progress now!!!
I love it thus far!

Lynda's March progress

This was my progress at the end of last month.

Here is what I have managed to stitch this month. I've almost got to the bottom left corner.
I've really enjoyed looking at everyone's progress. The samplers are all beautiful.