Tuesday, 30 June 2009

DonnaTN's June Progress

Here she is from the end of May.

Here she is after June. I really only got to stitch a little bit this month, but I managed to finish the variegated motif and make a good start on the next. I want to try to get the bottom row worked so I can be more comfortable cutting the big chunk of fabric to the left. I didn't want to risk cutting it too close, but working around that extra fabric is getting old. We'll see what progress July brings!

Tish's June Progress

This is Tish's progress from the end of April. She didn't have a May update.

Here is her progress for June. It should be turned 90 degrees to show the right side. I may be prejudiced because she's my sister, but I think her green motif is beautiful.
DonnaTn for Tish

June Post 'n Progress from FL

Here just below is my progress as of June 30th. And, the other picture is of work before in June. I continue to love this sampler and can't wait to hang it in my house someday... :)

Congratulations to everyone who's finishing up! Please wish me luck as I tag along behind you! :)

No pics this month

I have made very little progress this month as I have been doing the pre-stitching for a class in September. So this will be one of the two months in which I won't be posting. Hope to catch up a little by the end of July.

Lovely to see the progress that others have made.

See you at the end of July


Hazel's June progress

Here's May:

May 09 update

And here's June:

June Progress

Two and a bit motifs. I am still on target! Got soo busy with pifs this month that she kind of took a back seat! Love getting back into her though. x

Julianne's June Progress?

You can hardly call this progress but it is something.


Allie's June Progress

Here's where I was at the end of May:

I figure I did about 3 motifs for June:

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Di's June progress

I was finally able to start Beatrix this month - my threads arrived mid-month, and I've posted "before and after" photos. I'm using a cream 36-ct. Edinburgh linen with Amy Mitten's Fibers to Dye For silk in Madam Rose - later I'll add her "Point Blank" (white) for the additional colour.

Redwitch's June Progress

As of May:

As of June:

I did two of the larger motifs and two of the little ones, colour is much truer in the top photo. Really enjoying seeing everyones colour choices, I'm just picking DMC as I go along, it's a bit of a mystery what it will look like in the end!

It's pretty hot in much of the UK, including Wales at the moment, on the way home from work, my car said it was 29c. Hope it's nice where you are :)

Chris's June update

I have met my June target of three motifs in fact I did more.. so I am pleased with my progress and have enjoyed stitching this; I tacked out where the motifs were to go before I started to make sure I positioned them correctly... sorry I can't post a pic of last months but can't find it in my picture folder..

I found last months so you can see how much progress I have made!


Veronica's June progress

My June progress. I've stitched another medallion and a little flower.
Previous status:
That's my actual status:
my blog:

Tracy's June Progress

Here is my progress for June not much done this month as I have been ill this past week with cold...yuck

May's Progress

June's Progress

June Progress

As you can see there has been very little progress this month. Unfortunately I have needed to spend a lot of time with my 87 year old mother who is in hospital almost a one hour drive away. She had breast cancer 3 years ago,went through with surgery and 6 weeks of radiotherapy but now has a tumor in the stomach and problems with lymph nodes. She is so brave and has never complained and is trying to making it as easy as possible for everyone.
This small amount of stitching, 2 nights, is all I have done in 4 weeks which is most unusual as stitching is something I always turn to no matter what the mood or how I am feeling. At this stage each day with Mum is a bonus.

June update

Here is my bit of update for June. I finished four more motifs...two small and two a bit bigger. I'll be working my way down the right side now.
This is where I was at the end of May.

Here is my progress at the end of June.


My June Progress

This is my progress so far. I didn't get much done in May because of having surgery on my eyes. I have made a little progress this month as I can see those one over one so much better. I am still having problems with a rash that I am pretty sure came from the eye drops. Hopefully I am on my way to finishing Beatrix.
I am inspired by seeing all the beautiful  work everyone is doing. Next month I have a goal to stitch at least 4 motifs.

Monday, 29 June 2009

DebbieSFL's June progress

This is my January start (yes, it has been that long) ......

...and this is my June progress.

Brenda's June Progress

Here is my June progress, three more motifs. I am still enjoying stitching on this and seeing the progress done by everyone.
The Mary Wigham SAL is calling my name, so of course I want to start that now!!
Happy Stitching,
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Ellen L's June Progress



Slow progress, only two and a half motifs added in June. Sorry for the dark photo, it was dark and raining today.
Ellen L

June - CarolR

Before - May

And now my progress for June.

Strange how the fabric looks entirely different under different lights and I did manage to run the iron over it this time round!

Julie's June Progress


JUNES PROGRESS - 3 motifs added

Jacqueline K B's June Progress...

Above was my progress in May, and below is my progress in June...Whew!!! That sunflower with the wreath of leaves was very time consuming, but once done, it seemed the other motifs went rather quickly...
June was a very busy month...end of May, my mother in law passed away, and then my son graduated from high school and attended his college orientation...then Father's day and my parents' I just had to make time for Beatrix Potter to keep my hands busy and to keep me calm!! What a lovely stitch this still is...I love how it's coming along and enjoy seeing everyone else's too!!

Beth's June Progress

This month, I stitched 3 small motifs and put the last few stitches in the top right motif.





Jeanne M's June Progress

Hard to believe we're at the end of June already. I did my Beatrix work early this month - thought I might get back to it the end of the month but I was busy with other things. I did stay on schedule and get 3 more motifs done in the lower left corner .

end of May progress:

End of June Progress:

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Rachael's June progress

Just a little more progress for me!
May's picture
May progress
June's Progress

June progress

Only two more days...

to post your updates for June!!


Sally W's Progress

I'm finally getting to like stitching this again:)

Here's May's progress.

And here's June's progress.