Thursday, 30 September 2010

Helen's September Progress

I was hoping to finish the border this month but didn't quite get there. I've also chosen a few more blues to add to the mix for the centre motifs - let's hope that they fit in with the current shades!

August pic:

September pic:

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

DonnaTN's Sept Progress

Above is my August photo and below is my September progress. Getting closer to the end with every month! We'll see how much closer I am to a finish at the end of October.


Tish Has a Finish!

Tish has finished Beatrix! She started her back in early 2009 and finished her in September 2010. She sent me this photo before she took her to the framer's. I'll take another picture when it is framed. The shades of green and blue are just beautiful in person and the fabric has soft shades of yellows, blues, and greens. I'll try to have the specifics when I post the framed sampler photo.
DonnaTN for her non-blogging sister Tish

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Where Sharon Stoped in August

Hi All -- still having technical problems. Here is where I left off at the end of August. She is now happily finished and at the framers.

Happy stitching to everyone,

Sharon in St. Louis

Sharon's September Finish

I'm doing the "Happy Dance." Not only did I finish this lovely sampler, as of this afternoon she is at the framer. I have had the spot on my dining room wall ready for her since January, 2009, when I put my first stitches in her.

I actually finished the sampler proper on September 10, but then got the idea in my head to personalize the piece with over-one initials of both of my sons and their brides and the years in which they were married. I finished those up last night. I had put my grandson's initials and year he was born into one of the motifs.

I have loved every stitch I put in (including those that had to be un-stitched and re-stitched ;-) !!!) and am so grateful for the encouragement from the members of this blog. I am pretty sure that without the positive comments and finishes to motivate me, she might have ended up in the un-finished project drawer.

For the record, she is stitched on 36 count Bisque by Lakeside Linens with Belle Soie Rustique as the main color and Icing as the accent (and personalization) color. I used three full skeins of Rustique and more than half of the fourth. I still have enough of the Icing left for another project.

Here she is in all of her glory at the top of this entry. I will also attempt to add a picture showing where I left off with her in August.

Well I have been posting for 21 months -- but still having technical problems. For some reason Blogger is not letting me add last month's picture. I guess that I will need to do a separte post to show that.

Best wishes to all who are still stitching away, and thanks to all for the wonderful stitch.

Sharon in St. Louis

Friday, 10 September 2010

Shari's Finish!!

She is FINISHED!!!!!! I put the final stitches in my B. Potter piece at 8:20 pm, Thurs. Sept. 9, 2010.
I started this piece on Jan. 1, 2009. I worked on it a little bit each month. There were some months, that I only did a tiny bit. There were other months that I did a lot. As it drew near the end, I was putting LOTS of stitches in, as I could feel the finish. You all know that feeling??? You just want to keep stitching & stitching & stitching!
I tell was very hard last weekend! I wanted to stitch so bad, yet I wanted to do all of the fun things as well. I MADE myself tell myself that the fun things were more important...I WOULD get this finished this week!
Details for you....the piece is stitched on 32 ct. Tan Marble lugana from Sassy's Fabby's. It is stitched with 3 colors of floss from Victorian Motto Sampler.
My husband is going to make a frame out of oak for me for it. I would bet he will do it real soon, as he knows how proud I am of this finish. I loved every stitch that I put into it!!!!
Thanks for cheering me on thru this one!!!!! Your comments are the best!
Have a wonderful weekend & thanks for stopping by!!!!
(I took 2 pictures & couldn't decide which one to use, so you get both!)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

DonnaTN's August Progress

Above is my progress as of July and below is where I am now. I made it half way through the big passion flower motif. I hope I can keep up the momentum in September.


Tish's August Progress

Well, Tish emailed me her end of August photo and it won't upload. Apparently it is corrupted. So the only photo is from the end of July. She hit a bad patch and thought she was going to have to frog a bunch, but it wasn't as bad as she thought. She did get the partial motif on the bottom left finished. Next month I'll be sure to take a photo so the email doesn't mess it up. Sorry about the photo problem!
DonnaTN for her non blogging sister Tish