Monday, 31 August 2009

Tish's August Progress

The upper picture is Tish's entire sampler so far. Below is a close up of her progress since June. There hasn't been too much progress the last 2 month, just too much going on.

Below is the photo of Tish's June progress. It is rotated the wrong way, but you get a good look at the pretty colors she is using.

Hazel's August Update

Not a whole lot done this month but getting back into the groove with it I think. Here's July:


and here's August:

August update

So that's nearly 3 motifs. Not too bad. xx

Allie's August Progress

I didn't make much progress between last time and August, but managed to finish one motif and start another between an interstate move!

Hopefully cooler weather will bring more stitching time.

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Redwitch's August Progress & visit to Hill Top!

As of June:
I had a break in July, so this shows my August progress, not much, but some is better than nothing I guess:

And guess what? Some of the stitches were actually put in at a farm once owned by Beatrix herself, Yew Tree Farm which is a B&B, tearoom and working farm. I am a very lucky girl and as you can see below we went for a weekend break to the Lake District specifically to visit the original Beatrix Sampler at Hill Top! It was absolutely wonderful to see the original, hard for me to convey, but very special. When I was there I was thinking about all of you stitching away right now, all over the world, on all the beautiful reproductions. Some more details at my blog.

It is well worth a visit, this is my first Needleprint reproduction sampler, but I have some others lined up, don't we all?! If you get a chance to visit the originals of any samplers you are working on I would definately recommend it, it sent shivers down my spine!



This was at the end of july,

and so you can see I had some time to stitch this month. There was not many time because we had three funerals this month, my sister in law and two cousins. I was not always in the mood for stitching. I hope that next month will be a nicer month for the family and me.

Ellen L's August Progress

Here is my progress for August, only two motifs added. Sorry for the poor picture, it's dark and cloudy today.

Ellen L



Chris's update 31st Aug

This is where I was last month and now....

..... I have done a bit more this month. The hexigon with the initials AY caused that frog to hop out of the pond.. I happily stitched down the right side as you look at it and then without looking at the chart did the same up the other side only to find when I counted the stitches was horrified to see it wasn't the same as the other side so out it all came.. and then I stitched all the swan only to discover when it didn't fit with the bottom bits, I was a stitch row out, so out all that came as well!

But in spite of that I am enjoying it and love to see it growing.
Everybodys' is looking very good, well done and I shall do a lot more this month.
Happy Stitching
Chris x

beth's aug progress

Here's what I had done in July:


and here's my progress for august:


I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's progress- they're all so beautful!

Brenda's August Progress

Here is my progress for August. I guess I should have had more done because I did not post in July.
Oh well, I will try to do lots in September. I still love to see how everyone is doing, let's all keep going!

Til next month,
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Jacqueline K B's August Progress...

Above is my July progress, while below is my was a very difficult and busy month, so I'm glad I have this SAL to help keep me motivated and focused!

I hope to make better progress in September...

Sunday, 30 August 2009

August progress

I can't believe it's the end of Winter in the Southern hemisphere! I have so much to think about before Christmas it's ridiculous.  Lucky I have something to distract me.

Here's where I was last time

and here's where I am now....

As you can see I have finished the interior motifs and I have started working on the border.  I would like to finish in 2009 - but not sure I will.  I also have to admit to cheating (not on purpose).  I  have completely forgotten to stitch the neutral highlights!  So I will try to get some of those done in September also.  Happy stitching until next time,


Saturday, 29 August 2009

August - CarolR



A fair bit done this month. I am sorry for the creases - I really should have ironed it but I am just about to put it back in the q-snaps so there wasn't much point!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

5 days left!!!

To post up your August updates. Is it me or has this month just passed me by??? I'd better get some stitches in on poor old BP. She hasn't seent much of the needle this month. x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Julie's August progress

AUGUST - 3 motifs added


Have enjoyed getting back on track in August, 11 more motifs to add so should be on track for a 2009 finish

Julie x

Margie May's Progress in August

Rather early with this post of progress for August but I don't think I will have the chance to do more as some other projects are becoming a little more urgent. I am enjoying the freedom of being able to put this project down and working it whenever I have the time between others.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

29 of us in July

29 of us stitched in July. Where has everyone gone??? If I have made an error please let me know. Thanks. xx

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Beezie is Coming Along...

My July progress is kinda sad. I hadn't the time to spend on Beezie because my DD and baby grandboy, Kellan, were moving, and I had to spend all my spare time with them before they left. Mostly, what was stitched was in spurts and clumps of time stolen from my RRs and SALs, and between old movies and the likes of the "Bachelorette"....and books!

I love this piece and she is in my mind as a priority. :] Every month that goes by, she's closer to being finished.....

This picture below was my June progress report. Hmmmmm.....

I'm planning to give Beatrix to my grandgirl, Hadley, in the end. So, I'm leaving all initials out at the moment until the whole piece is stitched. By the end of it, I'll decide what goes where, as they say.
Hugs, and happy stitching to all in August! Deb

Monday, 3 August 2009

Tracy's July Progress

Here is my before

and my after

Maxine's July Progress

Well I didn't have too bad a month, the darned frogs won't leave though.... I think every time I bring this one out to stitch on they decide to hold a party and even more turn up lol! I did some work down the left hand side last month so nearly at the bottom on both sides :)
Here's June pic...

And here is July pic... sorry for the creases but I'm trying to wait till it's finished before it get's a wash and a proper ironing. Keep up the great work everyone and congratulations to those that have actually finished:)

Maxine (So Much Stash - Sew Little Time my blog)

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Bonnie's July Progress

June Progress

July Progress

It seems like I stitched a lot on Beatrix this month, more than last month. But looking at the before and after I don't see a lot. I still haven't finished the motif at the top. But I am keeping the faith and maybe more will show up in August. Now that I have this much completed it is getting more encouraging to finish one motif so I can start on the next. lol.
Does this make much sense?

Grace's July Progress

Just returned from a few days away with my sister and her family. Not much time to stitch during school holidays, but I have done a little work on Beatrix as well as continuing with the prestitching for a class in London in September.
This is where I am now. The colours are much more realistic and true to life in this photo, not sure what happened in May!!

Just to remind you, this is where I was at the end of May:

I hope to finish the top motifs and make a start down the right hand side during August.


Sharon in St. Louis July Progress

Hi Stitchers -- After making July progress that I was pleased with, we left on vacation, without Miss Beatrix. I woke up this morning and realized that I had yet to post a photo for July. Hope that I am not too late.

In July, I stitched as far as I could go without removing my Q-snaps, and made the decision to change the initials to suit my own family. Now I am ready to put her back on the Q-Snaps and get going again. I am so enjoying this stitch, and love seeing everyone's progress. Way to go those of you who have already finished. I still have a way to go, but am loving every stitch.

Happy stitching all,


Dolly's July Progress


Dear friends,
I finished the passion flower motif and 2 small motifs near it this time.
I am reaching the up-right corner, some motifs look like they have been cut off some stitches; I plan to make up those missing stitches,we will see it next time.
xxxHappy stitchingxxx
Dolly in the record heat Seattle

Tish's July Progress

Tish does have progress, but I do not have photographic proof! I saw it last weekend, but I didn't have my camera. This week she is having her driveway redone and there is only a sea of mud where there once was a spot to park. She lives on a narrow 2 lane road with a small drainage ditch between the road and the hill she lives on. There is no where to park and be off the road and not in the ditch! (They have a baby SUV that can cross the ditch.) I'll get some photos posted as soon as I can.
DonnaTN for her non blogging sister Tish

DonnaTN's July Progress

Here is June's progress.

Here is July's progress. I nearly made my goal of finishing the whole bottom row of motifs. Now I can trim the right edge of my fabric so I can handle this piece more easily!

Jeanne M's July progress

Well I'm just making it under the wire - got my 'assignment' done this evening at 6:00 pm. I'm still getting 3 large motifs a month done. The top photo was my end of June status and underneath is July's progress - in the lower left corner. I'm starting to get anxious to finish Miss Bea - hoping to step up my schedule some in August. All the samplers are just lovely!