Thursday, 31 December 2009

Allie's January Progress: Nearly, but not quite...

Here's my January Progress. I'm pretty close to done, but didn't quite pull it off!

I thought about stitching diligently until midnight, but champagne & treats are more tempting

Happy New Year, everyone!

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December Progress for Sharon in St. Louis

November Progress Above - December Progress Below:

Hi Stitchers and Happy New Year to all!

Congratulations to all who have finished this beautiful sampler. I am ending the year with about 15 motifs left to stitch. I just finished my second skein of Belle Soie Rustique today. I finished my first skein on May 5, so I do believe that my stitching time slowed down in the second half of the year. I hope to have more time to devote to Miss Potter and would like to have my sampler complete within the next six months.

My thanks to Hazel and all who have participated for the inspiration. I do hope that this blog will continue until all of our samplers are framed and hanging on our walls. It has been fun, and very motivating.

My December progress is shown above to the left. I added two motifs to the bottom right since November, shown above center.

Sharon in St. Louis

Donna's Dec Progress

This is from the end of November.

Not much progress for December. Just filled in the diamond shaped motif. The bottom motifs were already finished but didn't make it into the Nov. photo.

Tish's Dec. Progress

Here we are at the end of November.

Here we are at the end of December. Quite a bit of progress for a busy month!
Donna TN for Tish

Veronica's December progress

My December progress.
I've stitched another little medallion.
Previous status:

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

19 of us this month

Wow only 22 made progress this month!! Well done to everyone who participated this month. Only one more month left. You can tell this is slowly drawing to a close can't you? Just a note about next year. I will be leaving the sal to run although I won't be keeping tabs every month or having a draw at the end of the year. I will delete people who have either:

1. Finished Beatrix or
2. Have only posted up 6 months progress pictures or less.

This will give other people a chance to join in if they like. If I delete an inactive member and that member really wants to join in again all they need do is re-apply for membership. I won't delete active members unless you request it.

Hope this doesn't get me into trouble and that ALL will be happy with this decision. I don't want to delete the blog as it is just too good and makes for a great gallery.

All the best for stitching in December.


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Rachael's December Progress

Finally I have progess pics for this month

October's progress
September's progress

Here is afterwards!
I am hoping to keep posting on this during the year.

Hazel did you find anyone to take over the upkeep of the blog, Let me know if you still need someone!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Beth's December finish

Just in time for the end of the year:


congratulations on all the beautiful finishes, and all the wonderful progress made during the year!

Ellen L's December Progress

Here is my December's progress, not much. I was hoping to stitch as least a few big motifs. Hope to do better in 2010 and finish this project. Sorry, I did not iron the piece before taking the picture.
Ellen L



Sunday, 27 December 2009

Only a few more days left. Please read..

If you have only done 9 postings then I would encourage you to get your tenth posting in this month so you can be part of the final draw that will take place beginning of Jan. I will give it a couple of days as it's new year and people may need an extra day or so to get their pictures up.

Before I do the drawing I will post up a list of names of who is being entered and give you all a chance to check it first. I will then do the drawing on the 7th January and the winner will be announced.

Also, if there is anyone who would like to take over the running of this sal then please email me with details on why and how you would run it. I would only consider active members of this sal for this post. I have a lot on at the moment and would like to give someone the opportunity of making this blog their own as it were. I have said that I am willing to keep it running but will not keep tallies etc but there may just be someone out there who would be willing to run it in a similar way again???



December - CarolR



I was hoping for a 2009 finish as I was going great guns last week but alas no but I did get nearly eight motifs done on the right hand side. I also managed to press it before I took a picture albeit a very poor picture!

A Happy New Year to all members and I am sure we will have some more finishes very shortly to join all those other beautiful finishes.

A big thank you to Hazel for running this SAL - I would never have carried on without it.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Di's December Finish

Finally finished, though yet to be framed. I've stitched this in Amy Mitten's Fibres to Dye For "Madam Rose", with accents in her "Point Blank" on 36 count Cream Edinburgh linen. I've thoroughly enjoyed the work on this piece - so much so that I even did some parts more than once ;) The initials and number is for our 40th wedding anniversary, with our son's initials as well.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Important - Please read.

We are very nearly ready to begin this SAL. I hope you are all ready with your floss and fabric!

Posting - Please, you can post anytime in the month after the 2nd January. If you only work on this piece for one day on the first day of every month then that is fine - just wait till the 2nd to post pictures. You must post each month's progress by the last day of the month. Only then will you be eligible for entering the draw at the end of the year. You need to post up ten progress posts - ten out of all twelve months (at least) to be entered for the draw.

A progress post must contain two images - one before and one after picture
(with the exception of January when we will not have a "before" picture. Please title your post with "Hazel's Progress" for example and use the labelling feature to label it "January's progress" "February's progress" etc... Hopefully this will keep things as simple as possible for all of us and for me in particular when listing people in the sidebar. I will leave listings to the end of the month but if you think I have missed you off then please email me and let me know. I can and very often do make mistakes unfortunately.

Please keep blog posts about the design only. If you wish to share anything else then please make use of your own blogs. This is just to keep it uncluttered and make it easier for me to to do the listings at the end of the month.

Due to the large number of participants please could you check that your name is not the same as anyone else's here. Just add your surname initials or where you're from just to distinguish you from anyone else.

Thanks for understanding. If you need any help with anything or are unsure about anything then please email me.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and look forward to SALing with you all next year!!


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

BP Alphabet for personalisation

Hi everyone. Tracy has kindly charted an alphabet in the style of the sampler and is making it available free of charge so that you can personalise the sampler as you wish. If you would like a copy then please email her at:

and put "BP alphabet" in the subject so she knows it isn't junk or spam. It is very well charted and would recommend you get a copy while you can. xx

Ta-da A very happy dance!

I have worked on this for the last three days and have finished.It is stitched on 32C Linen, Antique White and using VC HDF colour, Dried Roses. I shall miss doing this but have lots more to stitch in my stash, so a busy time in 2010 !!
The different shades in the floss do not show up on camera, but hopefully they will when framed. This is going to be my family heirloom

Happy Stitching everyone and a Happy and Blessed Christmas

Chris x

Thursday, 10 December 2009

she's finished!!!

Yes...I put the last stitches in last night and now my sampler is completed! To recap, it is stitched on Bay Rum jobelan with Carrie's threads in Koala Claw and the accent thread is from the Dye is Cast...Strawberry Cream. The initials are mine and my husband's and the dates are our wedding date and the year and the current year.

Thanks again Hazel for starting this blog, and to everyone for all the encouragement to keep stitching all year. I probably would never have finished this year if not for you all. I look forward to watch the rest of your progress! (sorry...the picture is not the best!)


Thursday, 3 December 2009

Late November Progress

Hope I'm not too late to be included in the November progress list!
This is where I was at the end of October:

Sadly only 1 more completed motif this month and I'm not sure that I will achieve much more during December, so I am very pleased to hear that we will continue with the stitch-a-long and the blog next year. My aim will be to finish by the end of 2010, but I am not promising!


Sandy's November Progress

I see that Hazel has already tallied up November, but I want to post my progress anyway. We were out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm just getting back into the swing of things. Sorry I'm late. Here is what I completed at the end of October:

Here is what I accomplished in November. I spent a little more time with Bea this month. I've put in my son's initials in the motif with the swan. I'm going to put in my families initials. There are 4 in my family so that works perfect.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

This is so EXCITING!!! Active members must read!!

Paula Sibbald from Kelmscott Designs emailed me a while back regarding the giveaway at the end of the year for this SAL as she wanted to give something towards it. Well, today a parcel arrived at my door and I can now show you what Paula is giving away to one lucky person who gets picked:


Feast your eyes....

You get 4 Ackworth Coasters (2 red 2 blue), a pair of Hardwick scissors, a butterfly thread minder and a heart thread keeper!

Don't forget you will also get a littel surprise something from me too.

So remember to keep posting up your progress. You only need 10 months to be entered into the drawing so get posting and keep up the good work.


November progress

This is where I was at the end of October.

And this is what I added this month. I had to scan the piece because my camera isn't cooperating this morning! I was able to stitch these three large motifs and 2 small ones. I think I have 4 to go. Sorry for the poor photos. Hopefully I'll have a finish by the end of the month.


Elisabeth's november progress


A little progress this month. I am a turtle, I know that I will not finish at the end of the year but it's not very important. Now I use to stitch on it each month, that is important ;-) !!
Last month it was like that

Today it is like that:

Congratulations to all ladies who finished :-)) !!! Now, I am with a Christmas mood and you ?!

Have a nice day !


Allie's November Progress

Only the tiniest bit of progress this month - I didn't even finish one full motif!
Here's my October, and the bit I did for November:

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beth's november progress

here's where i was in october:


and here's my november progress:


I'm still hoping to finish by the end of the year...only 4 more motifs to go.

congratulations on the beautiful finishes, and the great progress made by everyone!

DonnaTN's Nov Progress

Above is the progress I made in October and below is my November progress. Not so much but still plugging away.


Tish's Nov Progress

Oops, I got the photos backwards. Above is Tish's progress for November. Below is the October progress picture.

DonnaTN for her sister Tish

Monday, 30 November 2009

Can I scream!?!?!?/Shari's progress

I had a very busy month of Nov. We found out we are going to have our triplet grandsons (age 5 months) for 2 weeks in Dec. So...the month of Nov. has been spent getting all of my Christmas candies & cookies made, so that I can enjoy the time with the boys.
I KNEW I needed to work on Miss BP. So.... after everyone went home Sunday (we hosted Thanksgiving here, with the babies here for that too)....I sat down to stitch.
Word of advice...don't stitch when sleep deprived. I am going to post my progress picture now, instead of at the end of tonight, as I had planned.
You see, at the end of tonight, my progress will be much less. I made a mistake QUITE far back & just noticed it, so the frog will be here.
Sorry for so little progress. Maybe I can get some done in Dec?????? Time will tell!!!

November Progress for Sharon in St. Louis

Hi all -- One more motif closer to completion. Here is November's Progress just below my October progress. You will notice that I have been working around that large flower near the upper right hand corner.

I am definitely on the two-year plan, and hope that Hazel will keep our blog going until we are all able to finish.

I know that December will be a busy month for me with the holidays and family visits, but I am hoping to complete at least one more motif this year.

My congratulations to all who have finished, and good luck to all of us who keep stitching away.

Sharon in St. Louis

Veronica's November progress

My November progress.
I've stitched another flower medallion.
Previous status:

Sally's Finish

My Beatrix is finished except for adding my two DDS initials in two of the motifs!! I am so pleased with this piece :)

Thanks Hazel for organising this SAL :) It's been lovely stitching with so many of you :)


Progress november

This was at the end of october,

and I haven't done very much this month. There was the mexican fluw, birthdays en preperations for Sinterklaas ( that is at 5 december and it is like Santa Claus). So I hope I have more time the next month. I like the pattern so far.

Definite progress!

This is what I have achieved this last month, Nevember. I am very pleased although a slip of concentration one evening meant a frog jumped out of that pond!

This was last months, so quite a lot done. I think I will be finished before Christmas!

Happy stitching everyone, well done all that have finished.
Has anyone had theirs framed yet, I 'd be interested to see what sort of frame?

Chris x