Saturday, 31 January 2009

Anita's January progress

Hello everyone - I'm Anita from Denmark and so glad to be here. I enjoy seeing everyone's choice of fabric and floss plus update photos - I look at the blog every day.
I found this blog by sheer luck and my way to the sampler is a bit strange. I am a miniaturist and I have been researching Beatrix Potter because I have an ongoing project making a writer's dollhouse. BP will have one of the rooms, a combined replica of her bedroom and sitting room at Hill Top farm. So - when Googling BP one day, I found out about the sampler and fell in love with it at once - I immediately wanted to make one for myself. Usually I do petit point needlepoint on silk gauze 40hpi or 48hpi but as I cannot see the higher counts there was no way I could make a miniature sampler for her room. I still may try to make a sampler in these colors though it will not be a 100% replica.
Anyway, I looked high and low for the chart from time to time - I saw it a few times on Ebay but at very high prices - and then, I "bumped" into Hazel and this blog when there was just one or two places left - I'm here, and I love my RL sampler.
After having tried dark brown linen and green I have chosen to go with the suggestions in the chart so I am using 32 count linen and DMC356. The dark brown was too difficult to work with/see when sitting in front of the TV.
Anita in Denmark


Anonymous said...

It looks lovely so far, nice colours!

Annemarie said...

Wow, Anita, what a story! And how wonderful that one of your hobbies (or is it your day job??) led to another. Pity that the green on brown linen didn't work for you, because it looks terrific, but your new version is gorgeous as well!

LadyDoc said...

Good story! I like the colors you are working- they look really good.

Carol R said...

Anita, do you have a blog that shows your ongoing BP dollhouse? I would love to see it.