Friday, 10 September 2010

Shari's Finish!!

She is FINISHED!!!!!! I put the final stitches in my B. Potter piece at 8:20 pm, Thurs. Sept. 9, 2010.
I started this piece on Jan. 1, 2009. I worked on it a little bit each month. There were some months, that I only did a tiny bit. There were other months that I did a lot. As it drew near the end, I was putting LOTS of stitches in, as I could feel the finish. You all know that feeling??? You just want to keep stitching & stitching & stitching!
I tell was very hard last weekend! I wanted to stitch so bad, yet I wanted to do all of the fun things as well. I MADE myself tell myself that the fun things were more important...I WOULD get this finished this week!
Details for you....the piece is stitched on 32 ct. Tan Marble lugana from Sassy's Fabby's. It is stitched with 3 colors of floss from Victorian Motto Sampler.
My husband is going to make a frame out of oak for me for it. I would bet he will do it real soon, as he knows how proud I am of this finish. I loved every stitch that I put into it!!!!
Thanks for cheering me on thru this one!!!!! Your comments are the best!
Have a wonderful weekend & thanks for stopping by!!!!
(I took 2 pictures & couldn't decide which one to use, so you get both!)


Sandy said...

She is beautiful. Good for you! It's quite an accomplishment.

DonnaTN said...

Congratulations! It really is beautiful.

Rachael said...

Well done Shari