Saturday, 31 October 2009

Donna's October Progress

Donna's September progress.

Donna's October progress.
I finally got that big floral pseudo circle done! Slow and steady wins the race, but probably not for a while.

Tish's October Progress

Tish's September progress.

Tish's October progress. Slowly but surely the motifs are getting done.
DonnaTN for her non blogging sister Tish

October Progress for Sharon in St. Louis

Hi Stitchers -- I am pleased to report some progress for October -- one small and one large motif along the right hand side of the sampler (shown in the top photo). I am definitely on the two-year plan on this lovely sampler, but enjoying every stitch that I am able to put into it.

Congratulations to those who have finished, and to everyone else, keep up the good work.

Happy stitching,


Brenda's October Progress

The second picture is my October progress, only two motifs this month. I found the one to the right of the "Token of Love" to be a bit tricky. I think my favorite ones to stitch are the symmetrical motifs. I can hardly believe we only have two months til the end of the year, it went by so quickly!

Happy Halloween to everyone!
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Allie's October Progress

I'm about on track to get this done by the end of the year! Here's my progress at the end of September:

And at the end of October:

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Redwitch's October Progress

As of September:

As of October:

This may be the tiniest amount of progress ever, it's the little brown blob if you're wondering! ;) Just two thread lengths, but I hope this post will motivate me to get going again. It's been a very busy month workwise. I have six workshops and two lectures to give next week, so hopefully after that I will be able to relax for a little while. I've loved seeing all your progress pics, some of you are really near to finishing which is really exciting! One thing I did finish this month was 'Beatrix Potter: a Life in Nature' by Linda Lear (ISBN 0713995602), it took me a while to get into but I really did enjoy it and would definately recommend it. Happy All Hallows Eve stitching! :)

Tiny bit of progress

I don't think it'll be finished this year!

September's progress

October's progress

Shari's October Progress

I am not going to beat myself up this month for not doing a lot on B. Potter. I am working on it every month & enjoying every minute of it, so why beat myself up!?!!?
Were we SUPPOSE to get it finished in the year?? If so, I am in trouble, but otherwise, I will keep working as I can. I love doing MANY projects, so I don't get a lot done on my bigger projects! I am doing one that is 49 pages long!!!! Imagine how long that one will take?!?!?!
Everyone's pieces look wonderful! It amazes me how different colors make them look so different!!!

Veronica's October progress

My October progress.
I've stitched another medallion.
Previous status:
That's my actual status:
my blog:

Chris 's October progress

I have had lots of stitching time this month so have stitched quite a bit more.
This is mine end of October

And this was end of September I am going to try and get this finished before Jan 2010!!

Happy stitching all
Chris x

Jacqueline K B's October Progress...

Above is my September progress, while below is my October accomplishments...I managed to get three done including the swan under the tree. I plan on just pushing forward and getting Beatrix Potter finished up before the holidays. For close ups, I plan on putting them at my own blog...

Friday, 30 October 2009

Progress October

This was at the end of september,

and so you can see I had some stitching time this month. The children are going to school and than you have more hours to stitch.

October's progress

A very busy month has seen me not stitch much at all - and to top it all off I put in the corner motif only to find I was a stitch out on the edge. So yes - I unsewed it! Here's where I was at the end of September

and here's where I'm at now. Pathetic effort Deb!

Getting close to the end, but still seems like far to go. I'm glad I've had the SAL to keep me going or this would have ended up at the bottom of the pile I think.

See you end of November,


Thursday, 29 October 2009

october progress

I'm going to try and stitch some more over the next few days but just in case I can't I wanted to post progress pics now.
This is where I was at the end of September:

And this is the way things look today. I'm still hoping to be able to finish this by the end of the year...we'll see!


Julie - October


OCTOBER - 4 motifs added

Hopefully a happy dance next month with only 2 motifs left to add

Julie x

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sally's October Progress

A little more progress this month thankfully! Although I did make a mistake right at the beginning at of the last big motif I did and had to frog it but I managed to get it restitched and the next one started!

September progress:

October progress:

Please excuse the pic as I took it in artificial light.


Monday, 26 October 2009

5 days left!!!

Yet again, the month has flown and there are only five days left to get this month's updates in by. We are so close now. Just two more months and we can do the drawing. Remember, every stitch counts so get your updates in please.


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Ellen L's October Progress

I stitched more on Beatrix this month. I finished 4 motifs and started on another one at the top. Here are my progress pictures.




Thursday, 22 October 2009

October - CarolR



October has been a good month for Beatrix but I think this was due to an all-day stitch-in at my fellow Stitch-n-Bitcher's house last weekend! I have nearly finished the large motif to the left of the swan (I need to fill in with the co-ordinating colour). I completed the two smaller motifs under this one, the larger 'carnation' motif at the bottom and a start of another. All in all, I am happy with my progress this month.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Finished !!!!

I am rather late posting my September photos as I have been away but here they are at last. I must say I am very happy to have another rather large project finished. This one has been really enjoyable and a big thank you to Hazel for organizing this SAL. After a rather slow couple of months I set myself a goal to complete a certain number of motifs each month to ensure it was completed on time. However once I got back to my stitching I just had to keep going on this project and I am very happy with the result. Now it is off to the framers and I have to decide which will be the next WIP to concentrate on and to see how many projects can be finished before the end of the year.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

I Stitched A Couple of Stitches :[

Above is my former progress, which may look and awful lot like the picture at the top which is my current progress.....but I promise I did add some stitches!!!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Slow September progress

This is how far I had got at the end of July:

August was a busy month with a family holiday and then the swift decline and sudden death on 30th August of my beloved Mother in Law, hence the lack of progress during September. I finished the motif at the top right and completed the bottom left motif:

Hopefully more to show you at the end of October!


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hazel's September update

Here's August:

August update

and here's September's progress:

sept update

sept update

Four and a bit motifs done this month! Sorry I am a bit late posting this. My little boy has been ill since Friday and it's starting to take its toll on me.


Dolly's September Progress


One big motif + one little motif, I felt so embarrassed.

beth's september progress

September's progress:


and where i was in aug:


Congratulations on the beautiful finishes- they're gorgeous!