Friday, 30 January 2009

ElisabethB' s January progress

Hello dear stitcher friends. This is my progress .

Do you remember my first stitches ...........?

And now my fabric has a nice way :-) !!
I can work every day on it one hour or one hour and half. Do you remember that I am a "children minder" and when the babies sleep in the afternoon, all is quiet with silence . I can take a chair and stitch ! ! ! ! ! ;-)
I have decided to wait the end of the SAL to stitch the letters because I think that I will change it. Probably , it will be a "Token of Love" to my first daughter Alice (13 years soon) and I will stitch some sentance to her.
Friendly, Elisabeth


RuthB said...

Beautiful! Congratulations on so much progress!!!

Hazel said...

WoW! You've done so much! Looks great. x

Allie said...

You've made so much progress! I can't wait to get to some of those beautiful motifs you've done in the center!

Annemarie said...

My goodness, you've comeso far already! I love the colour you're using!

Julie said...

You've stitched such a lot since your first pic, it looks wonderful

Violet said...

(I didn't believe my eyes first)
Don't you know we have a whole year to finish the sampler?
What a wonderful progress you made!

Marian said...

Great progress. I'm holding back on initials, too. I'm thinking my granddaughter Grace. I like the idea of a sentence, too.

DonnaTN said...

Wow, you have really made some progress. It is nice to see someome with so much finished. You are lucky to have time to stitch each day.

LadyDoc said...

Your sampler looks wonderful already- you have made somuch progress! It is encouraging to see.