Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sandy's September Progress

This is where I left off in August.

Here is where I ended up at the end of September. It's a slow go, but I'm plugging away.

Shari's Sept. progress

I got a little more done this month than in the past few months. I should really be able to progress now thou! I finished the triplets baby sampler this past weekend. What a huge relief! It can be seen on my personal blog.
I finished the second blue motif & did 2 small motifs & started a larger one. I am really enjoying this piece, when I am able to work on it!!!!
Thanks everyone for showing your progress! Keep it up!

Chris's update 30thSeptember

I haven't done as much as I would have liked but I am making progress, albeit slow!
This is last months and...

This is this months, so I think I have done half? I am enjoying it and once I get it out I stitch away but so much to do as well and so little time!

The finished ones are wow, Well done!...

PS I took this photo in the artificial light, I haven't dyed my piece pink!!

Nowhere near finished!!!

Back in July it looked like this.

and I didn't do any in August, too much on.
so here is how it looks in September.

September's progress

September - CarolR



Not too much headway for September but I finished the swan motif and made a start on the vine motif to the left of the swan. A little progress is better than none!

Brenda's September Progress

Here is my progress for this month, I finished 3 motifs, although one of them is pretty small. I am still enjoying this piece, congratulations to everyone who has finished.

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Donna's Sept Progress

Here I am at the end of August.

Here I am at the end of September. Not much progress at all, but I have barely stitched on poor Beatrix this month. I was away on vacation for 2 weeks and only worked on a couple of smaller projects. Hopefully, I'll make a bit more progress in October.

Tish's Sept Progress

Here is Tish's progress from August.

Here is where she is at the end of September.
DonnaTN for Tish

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Veronica's progress

My September progress.
I've stitched another medallion.
Previous status:
That's my actual status:
my blog:

Sally's Progress

Here's my progress for September. Really enjoying this again!

End of August

End of September

ElisabethB's September progress


Above, my sampler in august .

And this is my sampler today at the end of september.
Hummm! My progress is not very big ;-(
Friendship to every body

Ellen L's September Progress

Here is my little progress for September. Two motifs added and starting another one.


Ellen L



Only 6 more to go.....


SEPTEMBER4 motifs added this month, only 6 more to go......

Julie x

progress September

This was at the end of august,

and you can see I had a lot of time for stitching. At this moment I'am recovering of a operation. The only thing I can do is reading and stitching. The doctors say I must rest and do nothing, so I do.

September progress

So exciting to see so many finished samplers. Don't they look just glorious? I'm on to the border and it surprisingly quick. I think these shapes have more regularity than the floral motifs and so are easier to stitch.

Here's where I was at the end of August

and here I am now

If I aim for a side a month I should be done by years end. Still haven't put in the accents - I started to but decided the colour I had chosen was completely lost on the background, so I unsewed it and will choose somthing a little stronger. I hope you are all enjoying this project as much as I am. Have a productive month,


Sunday, 27 September 2009

Redwitch's September Progress

As of August:
As of September:

Not quite sure how, but this seems to have stitched itself this month! It's the busiest time of year for me at work with all the students coming back and I'm often too tired to stitch in the evenings. But the photos prove there are three motifs at the bottom, orange and brown, and one peach one at the top that weren't there last month ;)

Congrats to all who have finished!

Just a few days left...

to post up this month's updates. So many of us are getting close to the finish line now. It oftens happens at this point that I tend to slow down on a project and really struggle to just do that "last bit". I want to encourage anyone else who feels like this to just keep going and get your name on that finish list. Only three months left after this.


Jacqueline K B's September Progress...

Above is my August progress, and below is my September update...
September was a busy month with kids off to college and husband working out of town up in Northern California at his new job. I'm really glad I have Beatrix Potter to help me think in the "now" of it all! Congratulations to all who have finished...I think I'm well on my way too!

Another finish!

I'm celebrating my finish today - hoorah! I should've waited for a better full daylight picture but I'm headed out of town tomorrow morning for a few days and wanted to get this posted before monthend. My fabric is 36-ct Lakeside Linens Maritime White with various silks - the fabric looks grayish in the photo but better in real life. :) I ran out of my lightest color but a dear stitcher answered my distress post on the Vicki Clayton forum and was able to supply me enough of the same dyelot in order to finish up. Thanks Nicole from Canada!

Thank you Hazel for organizing this SAL - I really enjoyed it and doing 3 motifs per month worked out great for me - not too much but a few evenings each month got me to the finish line. I'll be cheering the rest of you on.


Friday, 25 September 2009

Allie's September Progress

Luckily I found more stitching time this month & got caught back up.
Here's my August pic:

Here's my progress at the end of September:

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Monday, 7 September 2009

Maxine Finished

I kept on stitching for another few days after my update last week and I have now finished :) I enjoyed stitching this sampler and have many more quaker samplers still to do. The stats again...stitched on 36ct linen with 1 strand of DMC in the same colour as the original sampler.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing many more finishes as the weeks go by :)
Maxine (So Much Stash - Sew Little Time my blog)

Friday, 4 September 2009

I count....

28 of us for August. Please check the sidebar list and let me know if there are any mistakes.

Thanks for participating and happy stitching for September.


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

August update

Progress at the end of July shown above

Progress at end of August shown above:
I do have an August update...small though it may be! I'll post photos tonight (here they are!) mom has been visiting with her friend and they are camped out in the room where the computer lives so no access! Hope I'm not too late with this!


not lost after all

Here I am..... and my saaaad BP progress.

Here's where she was at the end of June:
5_27_2009 006

And as of last night Beatrix had made it all the way to here:
08_31_2009 013

Wooo hoo! If my needles got any faster, I just don't know what I'd do! [Yes, that was facetiousness.]

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Maxine August Update

I got quite a lot done last month and will (almost fingers crossed) definitely get it finished this month :)
Here's before pic...

Here's after pic

The lowest moitf on the left hand side with the bird in it caused me a few problems I didn't realise it wasn't symmetrical until I had stitched the outline and started filling it in! Everyone else's progress is great and some lovely finishes.

Maxine (So Much Stash - Sew Little Time my blog)

Tracy's August Progress

Here is my progress for August, I ended up frogging the blue motif at the bottom because I didn't like the way I had done the colours so I'm busy re-stitching that at the moment



ElisabethB's august progress

Hello, this is my progress in August. Sorry, I didn't taken the time to iron my fabric.

In July it was like that:

I hope that you have had all a nice summer. Certainly too hot like in France !!! A new school year begins here and only four months to finish Beatrix Potter .........hum, hum ;-) !