Monday, 30 November 2009

Can I scream!?!?!?/Shari's progress

I had a very busy month of Nov. We found out we are going to have our triplet grandsons (age 5 months) for 2 weeks in Dec. So...the month of Nov. has been spent getting all of my Christmas candies & cookies made, so that I can enjoy the time with the boys.
I KNEW I needed to work on Miss BP. So.... after everyone went home Sunday (we hosted Thanksgiving here, with the babies here for that too)....I sat down to stitch.
Word of advice...don't stitch when sleep deprived. I am going to post my progress picture now, instead of at the end of tonight, as I had planned.
You see, at the end of tonight, my progress will be much less. I made a mistake QUITE far back & just noticed it, so the frog will be here.
Sorry for so little progress. Maybe I can get some done in Dec?????? Time will tell!!!

November Progress for Sharon in St. Louis

Hi all -- One more motif closer to completion. Here is November's Progress just below my October progress. You will notice that I have been working around that large flower near the upper right hand corner.

I am definitely on the two-year plan, and hope that Hazel will keep our blog going until we are all able to finish.

I know that December will be a busy month for me with the holidays and family visits, but I am hoping to complete at least one more motif this year.

My congratulations to all who have finished, and good luck to all of us who keep stitching away.

Sharon in St. Louis

Veronica's November progress

My November progress.
I've stitched another flower medallion.
Previous status:

Sally's Finish

My Beatrix is finished except for adding my two DDS initials in two of the motifs!! I am so pleased with this piece :)

Thanks Hazel for organising this SAL :) It's been lovely stitching with so many of you :)


Progress november

This was at the end of october,

and I haven't done very much this month. There was the mexican fluw, birthdays en preperations for Sinterklaas ( that is at 5 december and it is like Santa Claus). So I hope I have more time the next month. I like the pattern so far.

Definite progress!

This is what I have achieved this last month, Nevember. I am very pleased although a slip of concentration one evening meant a frog jumped out of that pond!

This was last months, so quite a lot done. I think I will be finished before Christmas!

Happy stitching everyone, well done all that have finished.
Has anyone had theirs framed yet, I 'd be interested to see what sort of frame?

Chris x

Brenda's November Progress

The above picture is October progress, and below is November. I only got one full motif and part of another one done. I have been busy quilting two Advent wallhangings for my grandchildren so I was not able to stitch very much.
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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Redwitch's November Progress

As of October:

As of November:

After a very slow month last time, I managed five motifs this month, top right hand corner. I don't think I will finish this year, but I'm really enjoying seeing everyone else's finish photos, you're all very inspiring!

(Sorry for odd size photos, I tried to resize but couldn't get it to work, please excuse my lack of skills!)

Friday, 27 November 2009

Just a few more days...

...left for posting your November updates. Only a couple of months left so if you're not upto your ten month quota then please post - remember even a small amount of stitches count - progress is progress. x

Ellen L's November Progress

Congratulations to all ladies who had finished Beatrix! They are beautiful works.

I worked more on Beatrix this month and finished quite a few motifs. Hope to be able to work on it more in December.



Tuesday, 24 November 2009

November - CarolR



Not a great deal of progress for November - only the two motifs in the bottom right-hand corner. I apologise for the wrinkles - I wanted to iron it but but hubby has overtaken my kitchen area with his decorating equipment and I certainly don't want to delay him as he's been promising me that he will start the decorating since the summer!

Congratulations to those who have finished Miss Beatrix - they all look beautiful!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Julie - A finish for me too

I'd like to thank you all for the encouragement during 2009 to finish this beautiful design, my first large quaker project. I am so thrilled with how it has turned out.

Thank you Hazel for setting up the SAL and inviting me to join, i know it would still be sitting in my 'to do' pile if it had not been for the SAL blog and seeing how beautiful all the different variations are. I'm looking forward to watching all the lovely upcoming finishes too.

Julie x

Monday, 9 November 2009

Jacqueline K B's November Finish!!

Above are the three motifs I stitched to complete Beatrix Potter!! Below is the finished sampler...
Thanks to Jacqueline of Needleprint for allowing those of us without the chart to obtain it; to Hazel for organizing this wonderful stitch-a-long; and to all of you who commented and offered encouragement...this was a fun ride and escape from my daily life and doldrums from the economy. I'll still be keeping track to see the progress of everyone, so keep on stitching and enjoying Beatrix! My best wishes to you all!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hazel's October progress and finish!

Here is my finish! I worked really hard on this this month getting all the motifs completed. I went to Tracy's at the weekend who then helped me with the lettering. "HH to RH" is from me to my hubby, "LH" is for Lily, my dd, and "EH" is for Elijah, my ds. The white bits really make a difference to the overall look. I'm glad I did them. I have posted more pictures on my blog. I have really enjoyed working on this this year. Next year I will be turning my attention to the Mary Wigham sampler. :-)

Finally finished Oct 09!!


That makes...

28 of us who participated this month. Please check you name is on the list and as usual, please get in touch if I have made any errors and missed you off. Thanks. Only two months left! Happy stitching.

Where has the time gone!!!

Oh my goodness, it's the 4th November!! I was away at weekend and then the time has just slipped away. I apologise for the lateness of this. I will tot up names today and also post my own progress. I have actually finished BP!!


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Di's September/October Progress

Yup, I'm late - finally took a photo and also (finally LOL) remembered how to add it. Here was my August photo:

And here's my progress to date:

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sandy's October Progress

I'm a day late. I took the picture last night because I went to Last Saturday Stitching at my LNS and Beatrix is what I worked on there. I couldn't post my progress because my husband was out of town with the laptop. So, hopefully it still counts. Here is where I finished in September.

In October I finished a motif on the right and started another larger one. I think I'm going to need a few more months to finish!!

Grace's October Progress

This is where I was at the end of September:

Since then I have completed the bird motif, and stitched one large and one small motif at the bottom left.

Like Sharon, there is no way this will be finished in the next couple of months, Hazel, can we extend the SAL into 2010 and make this a 2 year project? Having to post a progress picture every month definitely encourages me to stitch even if it is only a motif or 2!

Elisabeth's october progress


In september my stitching was like that

And today this is like that:

Sorry, this a very rainy day today and my picture looks very poor :-(

Friendly, Elisabeth

Dolly's October progress

Before After

I got 2 big motifs done this month, so I don't think I could finish this sampler before the end of 2009. I will keep working on it anyway.

Beth's October progress

Here' where i was in sept:


and here's october's progress:


i think i should still be on track to finish by the end of the year.