Friday, 31 July 2009

My July Challenge was for three motifs and I did it!!

This is July

And this is as it was last month

I am so pleased with myself...
Happy Stitching all.. they are all looking wonderful
Chris x

Veronica's July progress

My July progress, a very poor progress but I was really too busy.
I've stitched a little medallion.
Previous status:
That's my actual status:
my blog:

Sue's July progress

Well, after taking a couple of months off to do the garden and veg plot, I'm back into the land of stitching again. I managed to do almost four motifs this month so I'm happy with my progress. This is my last pic,

and the second pic is my progress. I'm hoping to get more done now that the garden doesn't need so much time.

Sue x

Rachael's July Progress

Well I was quite disappointed in myself, until I realised I had actually stitched on it this month I had just forgotten :0)
So here is my progress for this month!
June progress
july progress

Ellen L's July Progress

It's the end of the month again. Here is my little progress, I only stitched about two motifs. Hopefully I will have more to show next month.

Ellen L



July's progress

True happiness for me this month - I got further than I thought I would! At the end of June I was here

and now I'm here ...Yeehah!

I figure I'm about half way now. Congrats to all those who have finished the piece - your work looks fabulous. Happy stitching until next time.

Sandy's July Progress

Here is what I accomplished is July. Only 1 motif.

Here is where I left off in June.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sally W's July Progress

I made a little progress this month so I'm happy:)

June's progress

July's progress.


July - CarolR

Before - June

Now - July

July has been a busy month so not much progress although I did manage to stitch the top right hand motif and the tiny one just underneath it. Sorry about the poor photo - we are forecast rain later so the light is very bad!

My progress in July

Hello, in June my sampler was like that :

And now in July my sampler is nicely stitched . I have some time to stitch....................I just spent ten days at hospital !!! So, now I feel better and I will take with me this sampler in vacations ;-)

Jacqueline K B's July Progress...

Above you see my June progress, and below is the updated July progress...
It's moving right along!! I'm still loving this and the colors I've chosen! I'm looking forward to next month!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Progress July

this was the end of june,

and you can see it was holiday time.
Happy stitching,

Terry's July Progress

I had great progress this month! Here is where I was in June:

And here is my July progress:

I finished!! This has been such a fun stitch and I plan to do the companion piece at some point soon.


Julie's July progress

Sorry not a stitch .... NONE

not sure where the month went to, stitched a few things and got carried away knitting my first pair of socks!!!

It's going to be busy till the end of the month so not a hope of doing any to it, will do better next month Hazel LOL

July Progress Margie May

Here is the photos to show the small amount of progress made. After my dear mother died on 6th July I was finally getting back to a new routine when we lost one of our precious Burmese cats Mia. Mia was always very interesting to check out what I was stitching and loved to sit under the light for extra warmth. She was a very young 17 year old and her death was so unexpected. Her sister Chloe, from the same litter, is feeling rather lost and needing extra attention. I will be really glad when this month is over!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Lynda's progress - or non-progress!

I think this will have to be a "pass" month for me...I have barely finished half a motif this month, hardly worth an update picture. I may still have time before the end of the month but it sure is coming up fast! We'll see...the rest of your pieces are really looking lovely!
happy stitching,

Julie S. July Progress

This is where I was at the end of May, we took a vacation and I wasn't able to post a June update.

Here is my July update.

Until next time,

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Hazel's July Progress

Here is June:

June Progress

and here is July!

July progress!! Woop!

That's about five and a bit motifs this month! So pleased with this month's progress.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

6 days left

to post up your progress pics. I am pleased with my progress this month and I'll post pics soon. xx

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

beth's july progress

I'm going to be away the next couple of weeks, and wanted to post my July progress before then.





Friday, 3 July 2009

37 of us in June!

37 of us made some progress in June. Well done everyone. One down from last month's numbers which was 38. We also had one finish as well! Well done Joanie. I have put up a "Finishes" list in the sidebar and I will include the link to the picture of the finish so you can get easy access.

So we are half way through and although this blog has 100 members, I never thought that all 100 would post every month. We seem to be averaging around the 38 - 40 mark. How many of us do you think will go right to the end of the year and be in the final drawing??

Let me know if I have missed you off the progress list.

Happy stitching in July xx

Rachel V.'s June Progress

I have been a very inconsistent in posting my progress, I'm afraid. But wanted everyone to know I am continuing to stitch on Bea.

My last post:

And current progress:

I loved looking through the latest pictures -- all of your lovely work is very inspiring -- keep it up!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

June's progress

This is the position I'm at now. This project is a slow burn - so I'm very happy to be with the SAL. Otherwise it might have slipped right off my to do list which is rather long!

Here's were I was end of May..

Good job Joanie on finishing your piece.....looks beautiful!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Terry's June Progress

I meant to do this yesterday and got sidetracked. I'm still having fun working on this piece. Here is my May progress:

This is my June progress:

I definitely want to do the companion piece to this. I am loving working on each motif and I feel like I've accomplished something when I finish one.

Dolly's June's progress


I made some changes on swan's beak early this month, then started Mary Wigham SAL.....I promise I will be good next time.

ElisabethB 's progress in June

Hello, I made a very little progress in June but a progress ;-) !

In May it was like that

In June it is :

I have finished a bloc on the right and I have added a little one on the left of the passiflora.
I think in July I will work with the border.
A very, very warm (hot weather summer here !!)
July to everybody.

Sharon in St. Louis June Progress

May & June Progress

Hi All -- Although I have been a bit unfaithful to Miss Potter this month -- I could not resist starting the ever-lovely Mary Wigham, I was able to put in a couple motifs this month. I am enjoying both samplers -- and have spots saved on my dining room wall for whenever they are both finished. Although I have finished six months of work on Beatrix, I can not tell if she will be finished by the year's end as I had hoped. But I am enjoying each stitch and loving to look at everyone's progress and color selections.

Happy stitching all,

Sharon in St. Louis

Laura J's June Progress

Here's May's progress.

Here's June's Progress. Not much, I haven't sewn on much this month at all. This is all could muster.