Sunday, 30 November 2008

Hello Everyone

I just wanted to say Hi to all you guys. I chose the antique ivory linen and picked Splendor for my silks. I chose dark peony #S1097 and also I wanted to add a little contrast, so I added dark green aqua #S869. I'll try and get a picture up once I start.

I am also in the mystery sampler group on Yahoo. I sure hope I have enough time to work on these. I'm one of those people who have to have at least 15 different projects going at once and rotate them around so I don't get bored. Right now it's Christmas ornaments and smaller projects to put into Sudberry boxes for presents.

Supplies decided on

I've pulled together the supplies to start. I've decided on the called for linen 32 ct. Antique White. My threads will be DMC 221 for the main color and DMC 223 for the accent color. I'm really excited to get this started.


All set to go!

I spent over an hour at my LNS on Friday trying to decide on linen and threads for Beatrix. I went in with the idea of getting rose pink silks but fell in love with a Waterlilies thread called "Chili" instead. It's a blend of orangey-pinks, corals, pale pinkish-beige, etc. I found 3 beautiful Needlepoint Silks that went with it, and I picked out Vintage Maritime White linen by Lakeside in 36-ct. The Needlepoint Silks look a little bright in this photo but they really match the varigated thread just perfectly. I'm really happy with it. Here's my floss toss - I can't wait to get started on this!

Jeanne in Arizona

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Still deciding - Update

Hi Everyone!

I'm Di from Alberta, Canada. I'm still deciding on the fabric and thread for this - I do have a piece of 32-ct Antique Ivory Belfast and like the suggested colour, but I'm also looking at some old slightly uneven count Irish linen that I've had for decades (it's about a 40/42 count, I think), and wondering about using that with the AVAS colour suggested or a similar one, or with one of Amy Mitten's silks - I'm going to stitch up a small motif in each of the fabrics with different threads, and see which one I prefer. And hopefully I'll have a decision made by the time we're ready to start :)

Dec. 2 Update- I spent some time checking out fabrics and threads further, and I've decided now on a 36-count Antique White linen, using Amy Mitten's silk in Madame Rose. This is a beautiful muted rose with just slight colour variations (it's a hand-dyed thread).

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Lisa's floss toss

I still haven't decided! but I have narrowed my choices down to these 2 sets, do you think it goes well with this fabric? It's 28ct ivory brittney. I hope I've made up my mind before the 1st January LOL

I need to work out what size my fabric should be, then I can get the edges sewn. I'm always nervous that I'll cut the fabric too small. I would like to have it all kitted up ready to go before christmas

Love all your floss tosses, it will be lovely to see us all stitching the same design, but in so many different variations

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Got my silks!

The picture isn't very good but here are my Tiger Lilly silks from Vickie Clayton on my 30 count linen from Brunner Haus.

Now all I need is to finish up those dragonflies (and free up the q-snaps) and I'll be ready to start with the New Year.

I'm really happy with the colors in the silks- I think it's going to be beautiful!

Monday, 24 November 2008


My fabric finally arrived at my LNS. It's 28 ct. Cashel Light Sand. It's going to be a BIG sampler but easy on my old eyes to work. So far my thread is DMC 355, 356, and 367 (just because I like green). I think the neutral color will be Ecru or White. I have one more stop to make at the local needlepoint shop to check out some silk colors before I make that final decision. I'm sure it will be in the same family, though. The old finger tips are itching to get started. Maybe that's what bowl games are for?????!!!!!

Hazel's floss toss

floss toss

Sassy's Tan Marble 32 count jobelan
Victorian Motto threads in Antique Wine set.

I love how it goes together. xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

New to the Group

Hello Everyone I'm Julianne and I live in Nothern California. I'm about 40 minutes east of San Francisco.

I'm looking forward to the SAL. I'm currently thinking about what fabric and fibers to use. I want to use a distressed linen-probably by Lakeside linens and an antique rose color silk for my fiber. I guess a trip to the local needlework store in Alameda is in order. This is one project that I really need to shop for in person rather than on the computer.

I'm curious if anyone knows about the initials used in the piece? Can anyone shed any light on whose initials they are?

I look forward to the interaction here on the board.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hi everyone

and thanks to hazel for the invite. I have ordered some Antique Motto theads, in pumpkins and golds, waiting for them to arrive to decide exact shades that I will use. I've not chosen a fabric yet but it probably will be a 28ct eveneweave.
I've only been stitching for just over a year and this will be my largest project, so will need all the encouragemnet I can get
Looking forward to the new year when we can all get started

Sunday, 16 November 2008

A little progress

Hi everyone,

Well progress is being made on the supply front. I now have the chart which Jaqueline has kindly made available. Doesn't look quite as daunting as I expected.

I have also ordered some linen - R & R's Apple Brown Bindy 32 ct., and Vikki Clayton silk in Quince. I will have to wait until they arrive until I can see the real colours and decide if they are final. Colours look so different on the screen - not sure they will go together.

I'll put up a photo as soon as I get them,

Happy planning.


Thursday, 13 November 2008

Materials decided on!!!!!

I am very exciting now for the first of the year to arrive!!!!! I got my flosses for this piece a while ago.
I KNEW I wanted to use fall colors, as it is my favorite time of year. I have had previous experience with Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.So, I checked her site & oh my goodness!!!!! I found the perfect fall colors. I ordered both sets of Pumpkin & a set of the blue. I knew I wanted a touch of blue in it, because the 2 colors are so rich together.
Today, I started looking for fabric. I knew I wanted to try to use something I had on hand, as I am trying very hard to be a good steward of our money. Things have been tight & I thought the smart thing to do was use something I had. I found a piece of Fiddler's Light aida that is the perfect size for this project.
Now, is it Jan. 1st yet?!?!!?!?

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Beautiful sampler...

Hi, Everyone,

Just accepted the invitation to join you all in this SAL, and I'm very excited! I love quaker style samplers, and this Beatrix Potter sampler is wonderful to say the least! I can't wait to purchase the pdf version so that I might do some planning by way of threads and fabric, which I have an abundance of in my stash.

I'm a 52 year old woman who lives in Moorpark,'s about 45 miles North of Los Angeles, I would say, but next door to Simi Valley where the Ronald Reagan Library is, just in case you're familiar with the area.

I've been married to Frank for over 21 years now and have three almost grown children, Will, 21, Kara, 19, and Peter, 17. Still, they keep us busy!!

Thanks, Hazel, for adding me, and await patiently for Jacqueline to reply about the name is Jacqueline too!!

Happy Stitching,


Picked my silks

Since I'm up with a bad case of insomnia, it seemed a good time to go shopping.

I checked out the DMC and AuVerASoie colors first then went to Victoria Clayton's HDF site.

I settled on Tiger Lily, a variegated overdyed silk in autumnal colors- it gave me the subtle color differences I wanted for this piece while being in the same color family as the chart calls for.

AND, there is a 1/2 price sale currently at HDF (until Monday) so I saved some money!

Yesterday I bought a new set of needles- GOLD!- just for this sampler.

So, I am all set once my silks arrive. Now I just need to cut my fabric. I am thinking it will be too wide for my usual lap frame, so I mght have to work in a hoop for this one.

What is everyone else using?

Hi all!

Hi everyone,

I'm really excited about joining the SAL. Many thanks to Hazel for inviting me - and for sending such clear instructions about what to do - which as you see, have worked.

I have just emailed Jaqueline to purchase the chart, so soon as I have it I will choose fabric and thread.

I used to do a lot of needlework when I was young, but the busyness of life forced it off the agenda. However after a recent illness, I decided that life was too short not to do the things that give you pleasure, so I started again and was amazed to see how much beautiful stuff there is out there! I am just finishing "A Quaker Gameboard" so I should be ready to start Beatrix on Jan 1.

I am a member of only one other group ( a real life one) of fantastic women - a quilting group - these girls I dearly love and they keep me sane. I am a mathematician at one of the countries largest Universities, and the Director of the maths/stats learning centre there, have a partner and two teenage kids who I adore.

I'll post a photo of my colour scheme soon as I can, but those pumpkin tones are very tempting.

All the best


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Monday, 3 November 2008

Hi Everyone

Hi everyone, my name is Sandra and I live in the Blue Mountains in Australia. I have been considering joining you in the SAL for Beatrix Potter for awhile.

I started my Beatrix a few (quite a few) months ago and as usual another sampler caught my eye and I started doing that. I am around half way with my Beatrix and I thought if I joined your group it might help me finish her. What I thought I would do is only stitch either one large motif or 2 small motifs a month and I worked it out and it should take me a year to complete if I do it that way. My Beatrix is being worked on 32ct white linen over one with DMC 498.

I fell in love with the Beatrix Potter sampler, the very first time I saw it. I have always loved her books and I have collected every one of them. I even have some that are very hard to find. I also have a small collection of BP china and stuffed animals.

I also was taught to knit by my Great Grandmother and have always loved to make things with my hands. I first learnt to do cross stitch when I was around 13 and have been stitching away happily since then. My great love is antique reproductions samplers. I love stitching either over 1 or on 40ct linen. I also love doing Hardanger and I occasionally quilt.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

HI to everyone here and many thanks to Hazel for this great idea and terrific place.

My name is Teresa but I usually answer to LadyDoc or just Doc. I live in Philadelphia where I am a teacher at an inner-city Catholic high school.

My Gran taught me to crochet when I was 10. The following summer she tried to teach me embroidery but the free form of it just didn't work for me. I discovered counted cross stitch in 1985- through a chart book at the Smithsonian book store- and the rest, as they say....

I would probably be called ADD- in my time the nuns just said I had a short attention span. As a result I do many types of crafts and always have a bunch of things going on at the same time. I love to stitch but I also do cardmaking and scrapbooking, crochet, and make Hawaiian quilts. I used to make lace but my eyes and my hands think that is just too much stress for the satisfaction anymore.

I've never done a "spot" sampler before and I'm looking forward to it. I have some gorgeous fabric that I bought several years ago that has been waiting for just the right project and I think *this* is it. I have not yet decided on my floss colors but I am seriously thinking about some beautiful dyed silks from Victoria Clayton.

For health reasons I know that I won't be able to keep up with most of you in the progress department, but I am really looking forward to seeing everyone's work so that I will have the encouragement to keep going to get this beautiful piece done.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Hoping to start with the group...

Hi all,
I found you sort of by accident, but what a nice thing to have happen . Also, I just love this particular chart and I'm looking forward to tarting with you. I pretty much have an idea of what I want to do. Either I will use a soft medium beige tone for the background and a kind of rich brick/rust color for the stitching. I have had this in mind to do for a long time, and just yesterday I went by a building that was done in these colors. Immediately I thought of the Beatrix Potter chart, and then I found this site in the evening. Talk about was really amazing, but I'm so glad I found it. Hazel and I were acquainted about a year ago, maybe a bit longer, and I haven't kept in touch -- partly because I lost all my e-mail addresses and contacts when my computer went south about 9 months ago. Besides that, life has been quite hectic this year, and I"m just now starting to slow down a little. I'll be checking my stash this coming week to see what I find for fabric if anything, and pull my chart and start looking for the just right color of rust brick shade that I want. I can hardly wait to start this one.

And Hazel thanks for setting this up! I am amazed at how much stitching and how many groups you get involved with and raising two kids, taking care of a household and goodness! I think I should take lessons on time management from you .

Looking forward to getting to know all of you....

Cathy C

P.S., Some of you might know me from the Legacy Embroiderer's Guild board, I moderate the WIP/UFO section there.