Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April here we go!

Well ladies, all of us did a great job in March on our Miss Potters. I have to say that seeing them all starting to grow is really inspiring and motivating me to work harder on this. They are all so different and so so pretty. I am on track on doing ten motifs every three months to get this finished by the end of the year and I encourage you all to set yourselves a little challenge like that every month. So this month I am aiming to get three motifs done - that is less than one a week. At some point today I will tally up the number of participants and write up names. Remember to email me at if I have made any mistakes. And if you're a wee bit late then hurry up and sneak your progress in. If you're really struggling with this peice and need some motivation then feel free to write a post and let everyone encourage you along a bit.

All the best for this month. Hope to see lots more progress. x


Violet said...

Hazel, thank you for all your work!
I know it is more work than we can see from here!

I'm enjoying this SAL só much!
The sampler is a joy to stitch!
Such lovely motifs.

I didn't comment much last month (sorry girls, I really wanted to do so) because I'm "a bit under the weather" at the moment, but I loved watching all the samplers grow.
So, I want to send my compliments from here to you all!