Saturday, 29 November 2008

Still deciding - Update

Hi Everyone!

I'm Di from Alberta, Canada. I'm still deciding on the fabric and thread for this - I do have a piece of 32-ct Antique Ivory Belfast and like the suggested colour, but I'm also looking at some old slightly uneven count Irish linen that I've had for decades (it's about a 40/42 count, I think), and wondering about using that with the AVAS colour suggested or a similar one, or with one of Amy Mitten's silks - I'm going to stitch up a small motif in each of the fabrics with different threads, and see which one I prefer. And hopefully I'll have a decision made by the time we're ready to start :)

Dec. 2 Update- I spent some time checking out fabrics and threads further, and I've decided now on a 36-count Antique White linen, using Amy Mitten's silk in Madame Rose. This is a beautiful muted rose with just slight colour variations (it's a hand-dyed thread).


Hazel said...

Hi Di! Would love to see the comparisons when you stitch them. xx

LadyDoc said...

You are more dedicated than I could be- stitching samples! Will we get to see them before you choose? Or, after you choose?

Di said...

I just stitched the one motif and fell in love with the silk I used for it, so the decision's easier than I thought it was going to be. I'll use the stitched motif for a little sachet.

Ruth said...

It'll be beautiful with the color and fabric you have settled on.

Patti said...

Hi fellow Albertan ( of course i am l in denver right now :)- I love your choice of thread color!