Monday, 3 November 2008

Hi Everyone

Hi everyone, my name is Sandra and I live in the Blue Mountains in Australia. I have been considering joining you in the SAL for Beatrix Potter for awhile.

I started my Beatrix a few (quite a few) months ago and as usual another sampler caught my eye and I started doing that. I am around half way with my Beatrix and I thought if I joined your group it might help me finish her. What I thought I would do is only stitch either one large motif or 2 small motifs a month and I worked it out and it should take me a year to complete if I do it that way. My Beatrix is being worked on 32ct white linen over one with DMC 498.

I fell in love with the Beatrix Potter sampler, the very first time I saw it. I have always loved her books and I have collected every one of them. I even have some that are very hard to find. I also have a small collection of BP china and stuffed animals.

I also was taught to knit by my Great Grandmother and have always loved to make things with my hands. I first learnt to do cross stitch when I was around 13 and have been stitching away happily since then. My great love is antique reproductions samplers. I love stitching either over 1 or on 40ct linen. I also love doing Hardanger and I occasionally quilt.


Ruth said...

OOO, yours is beautiful... and so much more complete than mine :)

I can't wait to follow your progress.

Marian said...

Welcome, Sandra. Your sampler is beautiful. Hope you enjoy the group.


Hazel said...

Welcome Sandra! x

Julie said...

WOW that looks lovely Sandra

Heather B said...

Hi Sandra. Your needlework is beautiful. I love the colours. I am hoping that you can help me. I have been searching online for ages for the pattern chart for the BP Quaker sampler. I'm hoping you might know where I could get it in Aust. I live in Newcastle NSW . Best wishes to you Heather B

Joanie said...

Hey Sandra! We'll cheer eachother on!