Thursday, 13 November 2008

Materials decided on!!!!!

I am very exciting now for the first of the year to arrive!!!!! I got my flosses for this piece a while ago.
I KNEW I wanted to use fall colors, as it is my favorite time of year. I have had previous experience with Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.So, I checked her site & oh my goodness!!!!! I found the perfect fall colors. I ordered both sets of Pumpkin & a set of the blue. I knew I wanted a touch of blue in it, because the 2 colors are so rich together.
Today, I started looking for fabric. I knew I wanted to try to use something I had on hand, as I am trying very hard to be a good steward of our money. Things have been tight & I thought the smart thing to do was use something I had. I found a piece of Fiddler's Light aida that is the perfect size for this project.
Now, is it Jan. 1st yet?!?!!?!?


Hazel said...

Ooooh nice combo of colours! I am still waiting on my fabric but I believe it is on its way!! Hopefully I can post some pics next week. xx

Julie said...

Lovely colour choice Shari.

I think we are all having to save pennies.