Sunday, 9 November 2008

Hi all!

Hi everyone,

I'm really excited about joining the SAL. Many thanks to Hazel for inviting me - and for sending such clear instructions about what to do - which as you see, have worked.

I have just emailed Jaqueline to purchase the chart, so soon as I have it I will choose fabric and thread.

I used to do a lot of needlework when I was young, but the busyness of life forced it off the agenda. However after a recent illness, I decided that life was too short not to do the things that give you pleasure, so I started again and was amazed to see how much beautiful stuff there is out there! I am just finishing "A Quaker Gameboard" so I should be ready to start Beatrix on Jan 1.

I am a member of only one other group ( a real life one) of fantastic women - a quilting group - these girls I dearly love and they keep me sane. I am a mathematician at one of the countries largest Universities, and the Director of the maths/stats learning centre there, have a partner and two teenage kids who I adore.

I'll post a photo of my colour scheme soon as I can, but those pumpkin tones are very tempting.

All the best



Julie said...

Welcome Deb, looking forward to seeing your colours

Hazel said...

Welcome on board Deb! Can't wait to see your colour choices. xx