Tuesday, 26 May 2009

May - CarolR

This picture shows how far I had stitched up until my hand surgery at the end of March. I was unable to stitch in April.

And here it is as at today's date. Not too much but at least it's an update! To my horror I have discovered that the bottom motif (you can see a tiny peek) is coming dangerously low to the bottom of the fabric. I am going to finish this motif and if I cannot fit it in or there is only a slip of fabric left, I am going to ditch the whole thing! The annoying thing is there's a 3" border at the top. I obviously miscounted or the fabric is not the 36ct as purchased. I suppose I should have started in the middle and worked outwards from there. I really do not like this project!

If anyone is interested I am having a draw (with a twist) for some beaded scissor fobs on my blog (here). The closing date is this coming Friday. 


Julie said...

Oh no ... i hope its going to be ok, it looks so lovely.

Violet said...

Oh dear...

Don't give up!
Maybe you can sew some fabric on to the bottom, that you can't see after framing?

Crossing fingers... and stitches...XXX

Your sampler looks lovely!

Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

Oh that's a worry for sure. Hate to see you abandon all the work you've already done. If I were you I would pick out some motifs to "square off" what you've already done and call it finished. Another option is to use what you've already stitched to make some smalls or a small framed piece. Who cares if it's not the whole piece as charted - when you're not enjoying a project there's no sense torturing yourself or feeling obligated to finish it. :)