Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Brenda's May Progress

The bottom picture shows my progress for May.

I got two large motifs done and three small ones. This may be my best month yet.

If you look closely you will see that I changed the small motif on the far left. On the original it is done as a half motif and I thought I would try it as a full motif, and I think I like it.

I am trying to decide what my second color of thread should be (for the flowers) any suggestions, white maybe or cream? Maybe I should try both and see what they look like.I still love to see everyone's progress, let's all keep on stitching!!

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Violet said...

*W*O*W* lovely!

I first tried DMC white, but I frogged them out, and now I use B5200, but it is still difficult to see on my fabric.

Just try what works best for you, with the other coulours and your fabric.
It are only a few stitches, so the frogging isn't so bad.

Violet said...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> *Ü*
Oops, sorry I suddenly realised... *Ü* you are stitching over one *Ü* soooooo yes it would give you lot's of trouble to frogg stitches if you didn't like the coulour you choose...
hmmm maybe you could try some combinations in the overlapping spare later after framing invisible bits of fabric on the outsides I mean.
(*Ü* sorry for my lack of Englisch words, I hope you understand?)