Saturday, 16 May 2009

Lack of progress - Di

Progress isn't even the right word - stalled in the starting gate LOL To update - Early in the year I decided, after looking at the sample motif that I'd done, that the linen just wasn't "right" - and couldn't decide what to do, whether to change either the linen, the thread, or both. I finally decided to stay with the original thread, and to substitute a cream linen for the original antique white. My thread, a silk from Amy Mitten, should be arriving on Monday, and I have the linen already. So hopefully by this time next week, I may have the first motif done - or at least started LOL It's been good to see the progress that people have made so far - very inspiring and motivating! ~Di


Julie said...

Happy Stitching Di, looking forward to seeing your new choice

Violet said...

We are "ALL" waiting to see your next update!
Welcome back.

Better late than never!
The BP's sampler is such a joy to stich!

Hazel said...

Look forward to seeing the pics! xx

Brenda said...

This is such a fun stitch, don't give up!
I know what you mean about fabric and thread choices, they have to feel right.
Good luck with your progress.