Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Important - please read

I have never come across this before and not sure how to deal with it so any help would be appreciated. I have noticed that someone is spamming on this blog and I am pretty sure they are hacking into peoples accounts and using your names. Firstly DO NOT click on any ads for any spam - they are not from me! I do not know if they are safe or what so don't click on them. I will delete any spam I see. Secondly change your passwords for your google account. Thirdly I will think about making this a private blog open only for members to see. At the moment, it is open for the general public.

Oh also, I don't know if you noticed but I changed the rules slightly to accomodate us all a bit more. So now, you only have to post up ten out of twelve progress posts in the year in order to still be entered into the draw. This will give us all a break if we need it.

Thanks everyone.


Always smiling said...

Thank you Hazel,

How annoying I hate spam but I wonder if changing our passwords would help. Last year I had to change my addi and it caused me such a lot of bother as I bank on line and all those had to be changed as well.
Chris x
PS We can only so our best sometimes they still get through

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I changed my password...just hope I remember it next time I need

Yeah, sometimes all you can do is use the delete there a no access block list that you can add the offender to?

Hazel said...

Unfortunately I don't know who the offender is which is why I believe it is a hacker. x