Saturday, 28 February 2009

Brenda's February Progress

Hi Everyone,
Here is the progress I have made since my last posting. I did not get as much done as I had hoped but I am still pleased with my progress. I enjoy stitching the little motifs rather than the big flower but, I think it will look ok once it is done. I am still enjoying stitching 1 over 1 but the only way that I can comfortably do this is to use my daylight lamp with the built in magnifying glass.
I really enjoy checking to see everybody's progress and love all the different colors you have all chosen.
Keep up the great stitching,

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Violet said...

What a great, little work.
You are so brave stitching this 1 over 1!
Especialy with that big flower, you will be so happy when that one is ready.

Brenda said...

You are right Violet, I will be happy when the big flower is done.

Annemarie said...

The big flower is the next one I'm going to attempt. I've heard so many complaints about it that I'm not looking forward to it, though I must say it looks wonderful, as does your entire sampler so far.

Julie said...

Its lovely to see how the large flowers stitches up so differently with everyone different threads.

I had to frog the SY motif, this one was fine for me.

Sandy said...

I can't believe you are stitching this 1 over 1. Wow! Nice job!