Monday, 23 February 2009

Back to public

Hi all, thanks for all your responses to the private/public debate. Yes, I agree ther are pros and cons either way. My only worry is that people's accounts were being hijacked so please make sure you change your password for extra security. Sally has agreed to check for any spam and delete it as soon as she sees it. We'll keep it public for a while and see how things go but if accounts are affected then we'll make it a private blog again. Hope everyone is okay with that. Right let's get on with stitching. Only five days left till the end of the month to post up your updates. I will be working on it this week and posting up at the end of the week. Thanks all, xx


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Why are there so few progress pixs? Is it because it was private? Read someone's response saying that it won't update in our blog list if it's private? I'm a forgetful person, so glad we're trying out public again in retrospect to what I said.

Hazel said...

Possibly its just the month of Feb! Everyone is usually raring to go in January and then a slump in Feb. I have definitely felt a slump lol. xx

doris said...

I'm so grateful when your blog is public, because I enjoy seeing the progress that all of you are making. Your samplers are beautiful!

Violet said...

Thank you Hazel for trying "public" again, and thank you Sally for checking for spam.