Wednesday, 17 December 2008

My fabric and thread choices

Have finally decided that I will be stitching over one on 28ct antique cream linen, using Vikki Clayton's Fish Pepper 4427 silk  as well as the Examplar White Chocolate for the accents.

Looking forward to starting this one in January, although I have just started the first motif to check that I like the colour and that the premium silk is not too thick.  I quite like the dense coverage which gives a similar appearance to the original.
Allie was asking about the record of stitching that is inside the original chart and not provided with the electronic pdf files.  I can take a picture of the inside of the chart to show you how it is and also upload a picture showing the order in which the motifs are recorded, starting with the central motif and then dotting around. I will be starting in the upper left hand corner and working across and down, not following the record.  How about you? 



Hazel said...

Love your colour choices esp that white choc! I am not sure whether taking photos of the original chart would be breaching copyright regs. You will have to check with the designer first if you want to do this. Thanks. xx

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I usually start in the upper left hand corner and go across, then down, working from left to right...