Sunday, 21 December 2008

I'm joining the SAL!

Hello everyone - I'm Paula Sibbald from Bengough Saskatchewan Canada. In the stitching world I am known as the designer/owner of Kelmscott Designs.

I'm quite enthused to join this SAL - I must confess as much as I love Beatrix Potter, I was a person who "came late" to wanting to stitch this sampler and in fact did not purchase the original chart. What happened though, as it often does for me, is that I started to see this piece finished by other stitchers using different fabrics and threads and that got me wanting to stitch this. Fortunately Jacquelyn offered this chart in the pdf format and I was able to purchase it. Then I seemed to take a while to fine tune fabric and thread choices, but I finally decided! I am using 40ct Vintage Bisque by Lakeside Linens and Blue Lagoon Belle Soie silk by Crescent Colours. Just to be sure, I had to stitch one motif and I really love it.

I haven't taken a photo - to be honest I'm not familiar with the "workings" of posting on a blog (just LOVE reading them) and so if this text makes it onto the blog, that'll be great, nex time I'll also try a photo!

Up until April my husband and I were still working at our "day jobs" but fortunately Kelmscott Designs had grown so fast, we were able to quit our "day" jobs, move from Victoria BC and purchase a summer house in Bengough Saskatchewan and a winter place in Mesa AZ. While I am still busy designing, etc., this has truly been wonderful as it has freed up some of my time to stitch and the bonus is that Attic Needlework, right here in Mesa has a stitching evening each Thursday, so it is wonderful being surrounded with such an inspirational shop and an incredible number of talented stitchers - I look forward to working on this SAL piece each Thursday and am sure that I will have this piece completed in 2009.

Thank you Hazel for hosting this SAL - to everyone else - I am SO enthused by your fabric and thread choices and I look forward to seeing progress throughout 2009! Paula


Hazel said...

Really great to have you on board! Blogging is a lot of fun. xx