Friday, 3 December 2010

Woo hoo

We have had 6 finishes this year well done ladies, and to those of you still going(that includes me) keep going we can do it!!! So find your Beatrix out and make it a new years reolution to finish it in 2011!!!
And I have checked the blog and those in the draw will be

  • Donna
  • Ellen
  • Helen
  • Sandy
  • Redwitch
  • Shari
  • Sharon
  • Tish
Well done ladies. I will do the draw after Christmas, Could you please leave a message on this post if you still read this blog and are on this list
Thank you!


Shari said...

I still read & try to comment when I have time!!! Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this!!!!!!!

DonnaTN said...

I would love to check in and see everyone progress and I know the comments really are encouraging.

Grace said...

I sat out during 2010, too many other commitments, but I would like to join in again for 2011.
Will post my starting again progress so far picture in January. Hope that is OK


Sandy said...

Yes, I still read the blog. I love to see the progress everyone is making.

WelshHelen said...

Yes, still reading and stitching :-) Hope everyone has a happy and peacful Christmas and thanks, Rachael, for running this blog.