Sunday, 27 December 2009

Only a few more days left. Please read..

If you have only done 9 postings then I would encourage you to get your tenth posting in this month so you can be part of the final draw that will take place beginning of Jan. I will give it a couple of days as it's new year and people may need an extra day or so to get their pictures up.

Before I do the drawing I will post up a list of names of who is being entered and give you all a chance to check it first. I will then do the drawing on the 7th January and the winner will be announced.

Also, if there is anyone who would like to take over the running of this sal then please email me with details on why and how you would run it. I would only consider active members of this sal for this post. I have a lot on at the moment and would like to give someone the opportunity of making this blog their own as it were. I have said that I am willing to keep it running but will not keep tallies etc but there may just be someone out there who would be willing to run it in a similar way again???




Shari said...

thanks for all of your hard work on this Hazel. I sure hope someone is willing to take it over. I am enjoying working on my BP & need next year as well, to complete it. I work on several things at a time & the big projects take extra time!!!

Hazel said...

If no one comes forward it will still be up for people to post to it - I just won't be around much. x

Rachael said...

If you just need someone to do the Monthly sidebar on who posts, and keep an eye on spam I can do that