Wednesday, 30 December 2009

19 of us this month

Wow only 22 made progress this month!! Well done to everyone who participated this month. Only one more month left. You can tell this is slowly drawing to a close can't you? Just a note about next year. I will be leaving the sal to run although I won't be keeping tabs every month or having a draw at the end of the year. I will delete people who have either:

1. Finished Beatrix or
2. Have only posted up 6 months progress pictures or less.

This will give other people a chance to join in if they like. If I delete an inactive member and that member really wants to join in again all they need do is re-apply for membership. I won't delete active members unless you request it.

Hope this doesn't get me into trouble and that ALL will be happy with this decision. I don't want to delete the blog as it is just too good and makes for a great gallery.

All the best for stitching in December.



Rachael said...

Thanks Hazel, I will still be stitching this next year, so I would like to stay a member
Thank you for running this blog!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

If I get deleted, I'll still have access so I can follow along, right? I want to see more finishes!:)

Brenda said...

Thanks for keeping the blog going into the new year. It does inspire me to make some progress each month.
Thanks for all the work you did to run this blog.

Grace said...

So glad you will keep this running!


Carol R said...

Thanks for keeping this blog going into 2010 - I am sure Beatrix would have become a UFO if not for this blog!

A big thank you to Hazel for setting up and moderating such a wonderful blog!

Hazel said...

Hi Jacqueline yes you'll still be able to see it esp if you are a "follower" - it will show on your home blog page. x

Hazel said...

Oh and you'll still be able to comment too ;)

DebbieSFL said...

Thanks Hazel, I want to try again in 2010 to finish, so I would like to stay if possible.

Thanks for all of your work on this SAL!!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Dear Hazel,

Just wanted to say that even though I fell off of posting updates (due to my pregnancy and what not), I am sooo appreciative of you and your organizing this SAL. I never would have started this project without you, and I know that one day I will get Beatrix completed --- thanks for your hard work!

Rachel V