Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My first post, Feb/Mar Progress


First everyone's work is great. I always enjoy looking at everybody's color choices.

This is my first progress report. I've been visited by frogs with this project. I didn't get my started until Feb. I'm using items from my stash so I started out on white 22 aida one over one. I didn't like the white so I went digging some more and come across old/antique rose 18 ct aida. This shade I really liked. I tried one over one and didn't like the coverage, so out it came I went with 2 strands.

Here you see two pics the first one really shows the great color of the fabby. I started in the corner and after just stitching a little I figured out that I hadn't left enough room. That was Feb work. I got tired of the frogs so put it away for most of March.

Over the weekend I started again, this time in the middle as seen in the second pic. I like the colors I changed to except for the red. Its the wrong family group and too strong. I'll be taking that out. I am also one row off on the outside circle so that will also have to come out.

Hopefully my April progress will show more instead of listing all my frog problems.

I'm still learning how to use my digital camera so hopefully my next pics will be better showing off the colors.


DonnaTN said...

Some days that frog just won't leave me alone either!

Hazel said...

Lovely colour choices! Glad you are on board. xx

Keli said...

Thank you Hazel, It just took me awhile to get the camera figured out. And of course all my progress was frogging and not stitching.