Monday, 25 August 2008

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much Hazel for taking the initiative to setup this blog. It looks good as it is already :) Thank you too for letting me join.

I bought the chart as soon as Hazel mentioned it on her blog. Knowing very well how the NBPQ is retired, I grabbed it the first opportunity I had. I have no qualms with the chart being in file format. I was thinking of starting it soon after but other stitchings 'got in the way' :)

So starting NBPQ next year is a very good idea for me and my 'busy' schedule.

I've pretty much zoomed in on Nancy's (Victorian Motto) floss colour Pumpkins and Belfast sand fabric. I am also thinking of tea dyeing the fabric prior.

Barbara J


Hazel said...

Hi Barbara - great colours!! Are you going to use 4 colourways then? I am thinking of doing this as well. Can't wait to get my threads through. Nice fabric as well - the colours really go well together. xx

Barbara said...

Yeap, all 4 of them. I figured it'd make the piece interesting not to mention the stitching. The darkest I'll use sparingly. Maybe for the small filler motifs.

Get them soon since Nancy has a sale going on :)

Janine said...

Hi Barbara, I am totally in love with your choice. Well done.

Julie said...

Hello Barbara
Nice colours you've chosen for this.

Jeanne said...

Nice to meet you Barbara. Your threads are lovely - it seems like new thread companies are coming along all the time. This is new to me.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Barbara, gosh, those are gorgeous colors! I think I might want to use them, too. I don't have the chart yet: do you know if the 80 yards will be sufficient for the entire project?

Shari said...

oh, how pretty!!!!! I have some of those flosses, but seeing the fall colors, I am going to have to visit her again!!!
Hey, could I see a picture of the SAL??? That sounds like a fun one to be involved in!!!