Saturday, 1 May 2010

Shari's little progress :<(

I am beginning to feel like a broken record. Each month, I do some on Miss B, then put her away, to try to finish other things. Life just keeps getting busier & busier & my stitching time less & less.
Anyway, I picked Miss B up yesterday & got some done on her, so I have progress for April. I am going to devote my stitching time this weekend to her, so I have more progress HOPEFULLY for the month of May!!!
I am starting to worry about my floss. Sure hope I have enough. I could run into issues!!!


Brenda said...

It looks great Shari, I know what you mean about making progress, I always think "I will get more done next month".
I hope you don't run out of floss, what are you using?

Shari said...

my flosses are from Victorian Motto Sampler. I LOVE them, but I am worried if I run out, will the next batch I would have to order match!?!?!?

DonnaTN said...

I had about 3 months of hardly any progress, but if you keep plugging away you'll get there! I did run out of a color that I had randomly chosen from stash in the middle of a motif. I had some more, but it is just a teeny bit different. I don't think it is noticed unless you know where to look. And if it is, well that just makes it mine!

Rachael said...

Each stitch counts