Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Valerie's March Progress

Hello Fellow Stitchers!

Spring has sprung and it is so nice to see the sun shine and the grass grow!  Alas, I did not get nearly as much done on Bea as I had hoped.  Honestly, I did not get hardly any stitching done this month due to work and school commitments.  However, I did get a few lengths of thread in on Bea.

Here is my previous pic (Februrary)

Here is this months progress (March)

Hopefully, I will have tons more to show next month!  Happy Stitching to all!


WelshHelen said...

Hi Valerie

Progress is progress and the more I see of the colour you've used the more I like it :-) Have you decided on colours for the "inside" motifs or are you sticking to one colour throughout?

DonnaTN said...

You are not alone in your lack of progress! I am waiting till the last minute in hopes of putting in another stitch or 2! We will just keep plugging away at this!

Brenda said...

We all hope to get more done each month than we do, it seems like we are all the same. Any progress is good and this is looking really pretty!