Monday, 11 January 2010

2010 Prize Draw

For those of us left doing this SAL, I am going to run the same incentive as Hazel did, Post 10 out of 12 months or finish your BPQ sampler and your name will go into a draw in January for a little gift!
I do hope you all keep on stitching and posting.
I look forward to seeing all your progress pics in 2010.
And for anyone that would like to join us feel free to email me.


Keli said...

Thanks Rachael,

Mine went by the wayside because I didn't like the colors I picked. I have some beautiful baby blue fabric that I would like to restart on. I'll work on another floss toss and post here.

Hazel said...

Hi Rachael. Thanks for doing this. I have officially handed it over now.

Keli - sorry i did not see your post and have deleted you but if you email rachael then she will send you another invite. x

DonnaTN said...

Hi Rachael. It is so good of you to take over so that those of us on the 2 year plan can still have the support of the SAL. Thank you!