Thursday, 2 October 2008

Penny from Italy

Hallo, I'm Penny from Italy, I'd like to partecipate to this sal, I love cross stitch and I like Beatrix Potter very much,
I have been stitching for 10 years and love a variety of designers including Jeremiah Junction, Lizzie Kate, Sisters and best friend... At the moment I'm stitching several projects including a monochromatic Christmas sampler, and a Lizzie kate sampler sal that you can see on my blog
I have been married for 7 beautiful years and we have two little flowers named Bianca Maria and Elena Maria 5 and 2 years old. I like cooking, stitching go out for walks and take photographs
... But where do you buy the chart? I can't find it on the web ... they don't make it anymore... Do I tell to this Jaqueline? Sorry but I don't understand well!!! My English isn't very good!!!
Please answer me soon

Huges from Fano Penny.


Barbara said...

Hi Penny and welcome!

You can get the chart by emailing Jaqueline at with the code CLL2608.

She will send you a pdf file and it will cost USD14.

pennipenny said...

Thank very much!! I have just received the PDF from Jaqueline!!

Hazel said...

Welcome Penny! Glad you got the chart sorted. xx

Julie said...

Welcome Penny!