Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hello to everyone

Hi, my name is Lillian Carol and I have been stitching since I was a young girl. I am very excited to join the group......thank you. Samplers, particularly reproduction samplers, are my passion and I have been thinking about stitching this one for some time now.

It seems like fate, so to speak, that brings me to this sal.....

My husband and I just happened to take a few days off from work to actually finish some projects at home when I checked my email and found an invitation to attend a lecture by Jacqueline herself on the Ackworth samplers at The Strawberry Sampler, my lns near Philadelphia, PA. I answered without hesitation that I would was a chance of a lifetime for me and I was "on vacation"!

So a few days ago, along with a small gathering of fellow needleworkers, I found myself in stitcher's heaven, visiting with Jacqueline and then totally absorbed in her inspiring lecture. I could not believe how lucky I was to be there. When I returned home, I grabbed my laptop to do further research into all things Quaker and I immediately happened upon the site for this sal. Hence the use of the word "fate".

So here I first post ever and I even have a blog now. I hope to gather together thoughts on fabrics and threads in the next few days. What a great way to spend a vacation!


Hazel said...

Great to have you here! xx

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Lillian, I was there, too!!!! I wonder if we met at all? I live in the Philly area. Are you in any pictures on the website? Wasn't Jacqueline the most lovely lady?

rachelvendsel at yahoo dot com

Julie said...

How wonderful for you.... i agree fate certainly was on your side!

Welcome here.