Monday, 30 November 2009

Can I scream!?!?!?/Shari's progress

I had a very busy month of Nov. We found out we are going to have our triplet grandsons (age 5 months) for 2 weeks in Dec. So...the month of Nov. has been spent getting all of my Christmas candies & cookies made, so that I can enjoy the time with the boys.
I KNEW I needed to work on Miss BP. So.... after everyone went home Sunday (we hosted Thanksgiving here, with the babies here for that too)....I sat down to stitch.
Word of advice...don't stitch when sleep deprived. I am going to post my progress picture now, instead of at the end of tonight, as I had planned.
You see, at the end of tonight, my progress will be much less. I made a mistake QUITE far back & just noticed it, so the frog will be here.
Sorry for so little progress. Maybe I can get some done in Dec?????? Time will tell!!!


DonnaTN said...

I hate it when the frog visits! Can you get by without frogging or is it too far gone? Why does it take so little time to rip out what takes so much time to put in?

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Oh, how sad about the frogging! I hope it goes smoothly from now on!

Shari said...

the frog came & did his thing last night & I am starting over with the mistake area. At least the second time goes much quicker!